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Monthly Archives: March 2015


Want to know if She’s Flirting with You or Not?

You got a crush on a girl and you’re in doubt. Does she like you? Is she flirting with you? Find out. The credit of this Infographic goes to to brilliant people at Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Well, sharing is caring.


Do You Want To Get Your Ex Back After A Major Breakup?

Thinking about them still brings tears to your eyes? All you want to remember are those split seconds of exuberance which you shared with them; those hugs, those kisses, those endless talks. Then boy and girl you are still not over them. You want them back. You


5 Makeup & Beauty Tips For Girls

Beauty is intoxicating, especially for a teen like you who wish to stay absolutely hot and pretty ! Well, you are into a magnetic life epoch when you don’t have to worry about those distressing wrinkles, fine lines, grey hair or anything that will ruin


10 Best Study Tips For Students

When you’re at college or high school, one of the most scariest situation comes to you when the final exams reaches and you haven’t studied a thing. It can be real hard to work your way through them. But with the right kind of preparation,


3 Ways To Overcome Introversion

‘‘I prefer spending my day all alone rather than parting with friends, I prefer being silent rather than taking part in conversations, I feel that I can work better by myself than being with a group. Wonder what is wrong with me?’’ Nothing! You are


4 Effective Ideas To Save Money For College Students

How much money is in your hand now? Or in your account? Hmm. Thinking, right? This itself shows your irresponsibility towards the financial matter. Basically, we teens don’t like responsibility. But when it comes to money, we have to shoulder a bit. Because you never


The Ultimate Guide To Survive College Life

When in school, you badly wanted to go to college and be away from the confinement of your house. But now, things have changed drastically for you. You expected your college life to be much more variant and the place to be much more chummy.