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Monthly Archives: May 2015


The 5 Proven Steps To Make Any Girl Fall For You

You caught glance of her and the air whispered, “She’s the one”! Else When you sighted her the first time you had no idea, “she was going to be the one”!  However it might have happened, love at first sight or numerous sights to fall in love with her,


You Can’t Live Without Telling These 11 Hilarious Lies

You hate it when they lie to you. But, can you NOT LIE? There are some lies which you cannot live without telling. Some of them are even life savors. Let’s do quick skim through the 11 biggest lies everyone including you tell people to survive, influence


Hair Loss Due To Dandruff? 10 Home Remedies That Works

Worried about those flakes in your hair and can’t get them out? Yes, they even stick inside your nails, not to let you even scratch your head! You have tried all those chemicals on your head but still they own that place like they have paid the


10 Annoying Comments Which Every Nerd Gets To Hear

‘How I wish I was a nerd’, their lives are so peaceful. Everybody including the teachers, parents and relatives are happy that they are doing so well and they don’t even have to  work hard, they will anyway score well. But did you really think being


How To Make Friends Like You’re A Human Magnet

They say friends are born and not made. Very true! But for simple talks to blossom into long lasting deep friendship, a little bit of effort is required. Don’t you agree? That first day of college or a new school is very crucial for all


Clutter & Dirt? How to clean your room fast

CLEAN ROOM! What exactly does this mean? Does it mean just to make a way from door to bed and then some space to sleep on bed. Well, if you believe in this equation, then I must tell you that please don’t go any further to read