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Monthly Archives: May 2015


25 Types Of Friends You Will Make In College For Sure

College is the place where you’ll go through a major transformation. The kind of company you’re in at that time makes that change. Let’s see the different types of friends you’ll be sure to come across while at college. The Cool Guy He is the


Ever Wanted To Know How To Win Any Argument Easily?

Often get yourself into verbal fights? But, do you really know how to win an argument easily & quickly every time you get into one? Here’s how it’s to be done. We’ve all heard the famous inspirational quote “Winning isn’t everything”. But no one told


Controlling anger

Do you feel angry and frustrated all the time? Do you remain heated up every time? Do your friends feel that you have a temper problem? Are you really the uncompromising type? Well, if it’s a huge YES, then it’s time for you to tame


Wanna Fall Asleep Like A Log Easily In No Time?

After the most fun-filled tiring day, you are on your way back home. “I’ll just go and sleep” is all that is in your mind. You reach home, fall on bed, hug your pillow and are off to sleep! But, BOOM! where did the sleepy


Want To Quit Smoking & Get High Like Heavens?

How do you like the idea of digging your own grave? If that sounds appeasing to you, go ahead and light that skinny roll of cigarette. Light it and burn your life away. And for those who think otherwise, HURRAH! You’ve not only decided not


10 Things Hindi TV Serials Have Taught Us About Life

Here’s how it works in my house Me: Hey, mom. What are you watching? Mom: *random hindi serial* Me: Oh, cool. Lets watch this. 20 minutes later- *Watched it, googled it, Wikipedia-ed it, hated myself for it* So, here is the ultimate dissing of the


What To Do When Your Parents Fight All The Time?

They say, just because couples argue with each other every single day it does not mean that they stop loving each other. But when you catch sight of your parents fighting, I doubt if you can still say the same. Well, no relationship is perfect


7 Secret Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne

People will stare, make it worth their while – Harry  Winston. Of course, many people have many great things to say but, only you know how it feels when that one pimple breakouts. Sometimes, it makes you feel so bad that you yourself don’t want