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Monthly Archives: August 2016

how to read a book in a day

How to Read a Book Within 6 Hours?

Finding Difficulty in Reading and Completing a Book? Here’s How You Can Do It Effortlessly within a Couple of Hours. To read a complete book in a couple of hours or a day– it sounds like a tough challenge for many, but in reality, it

Things to do in life

Top 7 Things Everyone Should Do in Life Before 30’s

Live Well Before You’re in Your 30’s; Bucket List of Adventures! In such a crowded population, what makes all of us different from each other? Tell me. What exactly makes us different? Is it all about the wealth we own? No. Health? No. The combination

Hangover Cure Tips: Party Hard Even When You're So High

Hangover Cure Tips: Party Hard Even When You’re So High

Don’t Know How to Get Rid of Hangover? Read this. Despite of many warnings, you still couldn’t make it work out. And now you are just lying about your health. They know that you have a hangover. You might have thought it isn’t that easy

Top 9 Dating Apps to Find the Perfect Mate

Top 9 Dating Apps to Find the Perfect Mate

Best Dating Apps for Teenagers and Adults Gone are the days when dating apps seemed weird, and people thought it was only for the desperate ones. People always wish to find true love and to be honest: dating apps are only making it easier. You put