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Top 10 Signs Showing You’re in Love With Her

Love is a mystery. But you could realize it even better when you’re in love with that special person.

Life is subjected to numerous issues. The severity of any problem is judged by its reach and the methods available to cure the disease. When there is a plague in a country, people often migrate from one country to the other to save their lives. But there are some irremediable diseases too. And it’s impossible to run away from an epidemic called “love”.

An artist can draw a portrait of someone whom he loves with blind eyes.

There are times when you are unsure. You start feeling uneasy around that person, and that is not because you do not enjoy their company. It is because you want that relationship to grow.

Subtly, you have fallen in love with your dear friend. Then, your mind is engrossed with various thoughts. It kills you from inside that your dear friend doesn’t feel the same about you and at this point of time you realize that you have screwed up your friendship with the other person. Because of an incurable disease called “love”.

There is no origin for love. You can fall in love with anybody in the world. People are gross.

Recently a human being fell in love with a goat. Yeah! You heard it right. Well if that kind of love is flourishing, this is not good news for the world then.

Top 10 Signs Showing You’re in Love With Her

#1. When you think you are just concerned, but you are actually feeling insecure

Signs Showing You're in Love With Her

When you said that ‘I feel secure around you’, you meant something else. So the next time you see that person taking care of someone else, and if you feel like punching the other person on the face, it is a sign that you have fallen in love.

#2.  When you start making notes each time you meet him/her

Signs Showing You're in Love With Her

If you are keeping a track of every moment that you have spent with your dear friend, you don’t just care for him/her as a friend, you have just fallen for your best friend. It is time for you to reveal the secrets.

#3. When you cannot stop smiling, remembering her face

Signs Showing You're in Love With Her

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me. That smile is maybe just a gesture of courtesy but if you are following that smile so deeply that you are unable to sleep. Nothing is wrong with you, but someone is definitely in love.

#4. When you say that you hate her but you fight every day just to see her

Signs Showing You're in Love With Her

I hate you like I love you. This is the most unusual kind of love story because that person irritates you more than anybody else, whenever you get face to face with each other, you feel like pulling the other person’s hair. And one day when you plan it to end it forever, it eventually turns out that you enjoy fighting with that person. You never hate about that person; you were falling in love every time you crossed each other’s way. How romantic, isn’t it?

#5. When that person only matters; nothing else

Signs Showing You're in Love With Her

You are continuously staring at a woman because she is attractive. Now she notices that and comes forward to slap you. Your friends get anguish, but you keep smiling and calm them down. Yes, you are a fool because you are in love.

#6. When she becomes the protagonist of your story

Signs Showing You're in Love With Her

When you look at her it reminds you of your mother; you are just homesick. But if she reminds you of those beautiful stories that your grandmother used to recite, that is the beginning of your fairytale-like love story.

#7. Whenever that person is around, you hear your favorite music

Signs Showing You're in Love With Her

Whenever she is around, you can hear your favorite music. You start playing with your fingers like you are the best guitarist world has ever known. It is a clear symptom of love, and you need to tell that person because you are shy. Sing her a song she will be yours.

#8. When you start considering their indiscretion as beautiful

Signs Showing You're in Love With Her

Those quirky gestures and that naïve argument when all of it starts making sense to you, you have gone mad. Because that is so immature but you look at it as a kid looks at an orange dream bar. You are madly in love with that person.

#9. When you start calling that person regularly to discuss your problems

Signs Showing You're in Love With Her

On just one random night, you called her up to discuss your ex-girlfriend, this is totally normal. But on several other nights you call that same person so that she can sympathize with you. You aren’t looking for her sympathy. You are giving her hints that you need love from her. Because you are already over your ex-girlfriend and now, you love her.

#10. When you cannot spend a day without that person

Signs Showing You're in Love With Her

You go out with your friend every day and suddenly you realize that you were missing out on a lot of good things in life. It is not about never living those moments before. It is about the person with whom you wish to cherish those beautiful moments of life. You always wanted a partner like her. My boy, you have just fallen in love with her.

If any of the cases mentioned above concern you. Do not worry it is just a sign that you are in love. It is called a disease because you incur a lot of changes in your life when you are in love with someone. They can be right or wrong. It entirely depends on how you would mould it.

Falling in love with someone is not an issue, but if it is making you suffer, you need to find a way out of it. It is as glorious as it may sound but before it becomes an incurable disease, you need to make some harsh decisions.

Significant changes:

  • You start discussing future with your partner.
  • You talk to your partner throughout the night.
  • You start naming your children. That’s gross.
  • You decide the style of wedding that you people think you are going to have in future.
  • Crying over the secrets of your ex-partners.
  • You start addressing each other by ugly names.
  • You start thinking that there is no life without your partner.
  • You discuss your life after marriage. Who will cook what?
  • You become a writer and write anecdotes for her. You end writing a novel for her.
  • Life looks perfect even after several issues that you incur in your relationship.

All of this will happen at your end if you are suffering from an epidemic so-called ‘love’.

How was your experience when you fell in love with him/ her for the first time? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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