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Controlling anger

Do you feel angry and frustrated all the time?

Do you remain heated up every time?

Do your friends feel that you have a temper problem?

Are you really the uncompromising type?

Well, if it’s a huge YES, then it’s time for you to tame your anger.

Emotions are to be expressed but when the feeling is that of anger, I doubt if you can really agree to this.

‘I am angry and I am gonna break his head’

‘Nope, you can’t do that’


‘Nope, No use of abusive language’

‘I want to break everything that I can get hold off’

‘Definitely not!’

‘Gosh! Then how do I express my anger?’

Stop getting angry and why don’t to check some of these anger management tips?

  1. First think, then speak

Once you are angry, the next step that you take would probably be to yell out all that comes to your mind. No, never do that. Think about what you want to speak and what would be the outcome.

If you can clearly perceive the terrible consequence that would follow your spoken words, just don’t speak.


  1. Use simple normal language

When you are filled to the brim with anger, then your words probably starts getting more and more bitter. The harsh words which you would have never used throughout your life would start to overflow from your mouth at that moment.

Hold on. ‘I am really upset because you were late last night’ is definitely better than @#$%.


  1. Just turn away

If you probably think that the situation would get out of your control and you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself just walk away from the situation. This is better that speaking all those nonsense which you would later have to regret about.


  1. Breathe deeply

Once you are heated up your heart rate would increase bringing in a more stressful situation. Breathing deeply would definitely slow down both your heart and the situation. Inhale deeply, fill your lungs with air hold it there for a few seconds and then exhale slowly.

This is the best meditation technique that will help to calm you.


  1. Think positive

Anger is mostly considered to be a negative emotion combined with negative thoughts. Maybe if we could replace those negative thoughts with positive ones, then we could probably decrease the intensity of this emotion.

In simple words

Thinking, she probably couldn’t meet me today because she was busy. I should try to understand her situation. May be we can meet some other day.

Instead of she didn’t meet me because I am no more important to her. She is just playing around with me. She is probably ignoring me.


  1. Try thinking it in a more humorous way

This is also a part of thinking positive.


Think Humorously Your Way Out

For example if your boss shouts at you every other day, you can probably look at yourself as someone very important to your boss. Come on how is your boss even gonna think of starting his day without spilling some hard words at you?


  1. Smile

You smile and you feel better

Even if you are in the most frustrated situation try bringing a small change in your facial expression. Your facial expression can actually send feedback to the brain regarding the kind of emotion that you experience which will not only intensify the emotion but also cause it.

In other words just smile this would make you happy and reduce the anger.


  1. Divert yourself

You can always divert your anger. Try scribbling on papers, playing instruments, beating up your pillow (my personal favorite one). Do anything stupid that would help you to divert your anger.


  1. Exercise


No no no, not like this.

Indulging yourself in physical activities would help you to calm down. You can jog, swim, play football or any other activity that would help you to regulate your emotions. Come on it would help you in losing some calories also.


  1. Analyze the situation

Think about the situation with a calm mind. Think about what could be done?  Find solutions to your problems rather than thinking over it again and again and wasting your time.


So the next time you wanna spill your anger on someone take a time out and try these tips.

What do you think?

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