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10 Annoying Comments Which Every Nerd Gets To Hear

‘How I wish I was a nerd’, their lives are so peaceful. Everybody including the teachers, parents and relatives are happy that they are doing so well and they don’t even have to  work hard, they will anyway score well. But did you really think being


How To Make Friends Like You’re A Human Magnet

They say friends are born and not made. Very true! But for simple talks to blossom into long lasting deep friendship, a little bit of effort is required. Don’t you agree? That first day of college or a new school is very crucial for all


Controlling anger

Do you feel angry and frustrated all the time? Do you remain heated up every time? Do your friends feel that you have a temper problem? Are you really the uncompromising type? Well, if it’s a huge YES, then it’s time for you to tame


What To Do When Your Parents Fight All The Time?

They say, just because couples argue with each other every single day it does not mean that they stop loving each other. But when you catch sight of your parents fighting, I doubt if you can still say the same. Well, no relationship is perfect


Addiction To Sleeping Pills Can Kill You

‘Try turning off the lights’ ‘Nope! Not working’ ‘Try closing your eyes’ ‘No use’ ‘Try switching your cell off’ ‘I STILL CAN’T SLEEP’ ‘What about the sleeping pills?’ Of course! Take a pill and it doesn’t take much for you to slip into a peaceful


Migraine? 8 Natural Remedies To Shake It Off

  Fed up of rolling on the floor? Banging your head on the walls? Crying over unfinished work all because of a monstrous headache? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of people who have fallen victim of this herculean headache, the migraine. Well,


10 Best Study Tips For Students

When you’re at college or high school, one of the most scariest situation comes to you when the final exams reaches and you haven’t studied a thing. It can be real hard to work your way through them. But with the right kind of preparation,


3 Ways To Overcome Introversion

‘‘I prefer spending my day all alone rather than parting with friends, I prefer being silent rather than taking part in conversations, I feel that I can work better by myself than being with a group. Wonder what is wrong with me?’’ Nothing! You are