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Are You Really Being Yourself or Just Faking It?

Feel like being someone else?  Feeling like you don’t fit in with them? Feel they are a part to you?

Their life is fantasizing, their ideas seem out the box and of course their life seems so cool! But there are hell lot of reasons why you should be you.

All of us, have a friend who who builds castles in the air. They might tell the world they don’t approve of it and its ways. They will talk like, real big stuffs. They would tell you, “I would rather spend my money on giving food to the orphanage than feeding the greedy relatives on my marriage who would complain about the food” but, when it comes to simple party which they have to organize, they would go for the big posh parties like the “Oscar Theme Party”. At this time, they tend to forget what they just professed.

I am sure many of you, would over rate, all these men and women and consider them to be highly intellectual. You try to follow them or imitate them and tend to bring their way of living into your own. Following these kind of people blindly, will only make you loose your unique identity. Take what is concrete and avoid the flaws. After all, what is the value of negative of a photograph, it’s only outcome that comes on a glossy paper that gives it value or makes it useful.

I was one of the persons who would get carried away by people easily and say “Wow! Their life is worth living”. But, when I got to my senses, I realized that I would not like to live, their life. I would not like to say I am an atheist, when deep down I believe there is a superpower working. At the same time, I would not force people to believe what I do. I would not like to be out of the box, just to gain attention.

You might have a friend who is a non-English speaking native for that matter and doesn’t talk the native language, just because it’s not cool among the peeps or these popular chaps. But, hey! does your geographical location tell what you are? How sluggish it is to pretend your identity, pretend to be a person you are not.

I would like to ask just one question:

Whom are you deceiving?

I know being cool is in. But you can’t be cool when you are not you! Idealizing your friend and his ideas is super good but, forgetting yours? Is it a good idea?  At the end of the day, you need to be able to pat your shoulders and say “Hey dude, you’ve done a great job.”. This feeling will be incomparable to any other.

It’s only when you live your life, you will make the best out of it. You are the only person who decides your fate. You are the master of your life, the captain of your ship. It’s up to you whether, you want to sail across and see new horizons or stay at the shore and wonder where the sea would end.

You can never be more precious than, when you are YOU. Leading some one else’s life is an easy job, all you need to do is – move the cursor and apply copy and paste. But to lead your own life you need to click on the new tab and create a page of your own. This is when you see, how many people like your page and how many will follow you.

You don’t plan to breathe right? It works on its own. Same way, you don’t always need to plan your life. It’s only when you plan, you are drifted from who you are and who you want to be. Trust yourself and no one else. No one can ever help you better, than you.

Do whatever you feel but be genuine. Remember, there is no elevator for life, you need to take the staircase. Don’t make yourself ever feel “Why, am I me.” It takes courage to grow up and be you!


So, Choose your life and it’s ways.


What do you think?

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