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3 Ways To Overcome Introversion

‘‘I prefer spending my day all alone rather than parting with friends, I prefer being silent rather than taking part in conversations, I feel that I can work better by myself than being with a group. Wonder what is wrong with me?’’

Nothing! You are just an introvert. You feel you are shy, quiet, reserved. People start calling you neurotic but then deep inside you know you are not. You are neither depressed nor lonely but you do have problems with being social individuals.

I, myself an introvert feel that there is nothing wrong in being one. We are just people with loud minds and more creative ideas but when it comes our relationship we tend to have some serious problem.

Through this article of mine I want to help those deep thinkers out there enhance their social life.

How to cure introversion and get rid of it?

Start talking.

It is the first step to make people know about your existence. I know how awkward you might feel when everybody says something and you have pretty much nothing to speak. Try letting it out! Being an introvert does not mean that you don’t speak at all.

In fact you do speak even more than the extroverts but then, its only intrapersonal conversations that are taking place, which remains unheard. This is where you need to let the change in. let your mouth be the medium to express your feelings.

I am not saying that you have to keep on taking without a break, making people wonder what could be wrong with you but speak anything that would be apt for the situation. Indulge and engage yourself in conversations.

Read the book: How To Make Friends as an Introverts. It will help you to discover introvert-friendly ways to meet new people, improve your social skills, and make new friends.

Being comfortable in a group.

Many of you might consider this to be a big challenge. Your friends might have called you out for a party but you would actually find the idea of spending your weekend alone reading books to be better.

Group Conversations

Group Conversations

If I were to say that you have to go out the whole night and party with your friends then you might actually give up the idea of bringing about the change and being socially active thinking that it is impossible. Actually it is! This is because parting might not really be your thing. You will have to choose those social activities which you are interested in.

You can join an environmental club, a book club or any other club which you would enjoy. This way you will get to meet like minded people and can share your views and thoughts with them.

Come out of your comfort zone.

Leave aside all the social fears and insecurity you have. Go ahead take a deep breath and take the first step. With a little effort you can definitely bring a change. Smile when you meet people, talk to them, take part in group discussions.

[Learn How to Get out of your Comfort Zone.]

Many a times, we are so conscious about how others would find our idea to be, that we don’t let it out. Stop worrying too much about others. Stop being too sensitive. Come-on we have strong creative mind within which deserves to be expressed. Remember what others feel about you is not important but what you feel about yourself is what that matters.

Over to you.

Before you try these, I would like to again remind you that there is nothing wrong in being an introvert. It’s just your personality and your personality can never be completely changed but if you feel that you need a change and want to correctly deal with your introversion then go ahead and try them, you will definitely note the difference.

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