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5 Makeup & Beauty Tips For Girls

Beauty is intoxicating, especially for a teen like you who wish to stay absolutely hot and pretty !
Well, you are into a magnetic life epoch when you don’t have to worry about those distressing wrinkles, fine lines, grey hair or anything that will ruin your day. This is the perfect time when you ought to “take care” of yourself, just like that !

Why do you need to take care of your appearance?

Being a teen, you are out on a limb by “break-ups” and “break-outs”! But the second one is scary than the other, right?

Unquestionably that pimple on your face or a bad-hair-day seems to be your worst enemy. How you have longed for that flawless skin and incredible hair style of your favorite celebrity !
Your beauty can make you as well as break you, if you get high-on sighting that wonderful reflection when you face the mirror. You needn’t have to have those Angelina Jolie lips and to-die-for body shape of Merlin Monroe.

You look perfect darling! You just need to gloss it up!

This is the age when you feel unsure about your appearance. Your skin, hair, physique or any of your facial features may push you from keeping a positive-self-image.

But now, it’s time to thrust yourself off this tangle! Let’s get real sweetheart !
There is no Beauty Tips or Tricks to give you a dramatically woven change on the spur of the moment. You need to stay unbroken and unflappable to follow the beauty hacks to build up the desired score you wished for.

Let me trigger the “beauty bug” in you, with these trendy techniques.

# To Get The Flawless Shell.

Not all are blessed with perfect skin. Most of us have to hit the tough phase it causes. Our skin may flag with many scrapes, like oily skin which acts as a fully powered oil refinery, creating tons of oil (if collected can be used to get million bucks) , dry skin (desert is far better), pimples ( the unstoppable attacker), dark circles (wow, see I have got designer bag under my eyes) and many other.

Now, follow these skin care routines to get your shell flawless! Though heard and spelled millions of times, I can’t forward by skipping this essential – Drink more than 2 litres of water to keep your skin naturally hydrated, glowing and moisturized.

Make cleansing, moisturizing and toning your daily regime. It will unclog your pores and makes your skin immune to acne. Next time when you visit the beauty counter, all you need to ask is these 3 beauty elements.

If you are prone to acne vulgarizes, don’t wait for the home-made remedies to do wonders on your skin. Rush to a dermatologist and get treated asap, before it is going to leave its tough ugly marks on your skin. And girl, that dollars you spend is worth for your skin !

Drink at least a single glass of fruit juice per day. And among this, lemon juice is the best ally for your skin, since it contains Vitamin C which will flush out the toxins from your body, by giving you a clean glowing skin.

And finally, even if it’s a sunny or rainy day, don’t step out without wearing a sunscreen. If you start this routine as a teenager, you needn’t have to worry about wrinkles and fine lines when you reach in your 50’s or 60’s. Good practices starts at young age!

# Crown Yourself.

Despite you own straight, curly or wavy hair – The right hair care can give you that ever-wished lustrous hair locks.

Beautiful Hair

Beautiful Hair turns you Beautiful

To get your hair silky smooth, wash it every 2 days with a mild shampoo. You read it right. You needn’t shampoo your hair everyday, since it demands natural scalp oil to keep it healthy.

If you have dry scalp or dandruff, either give a hot oil massage once a week or use a protein rich hair mask using honey. Honey can keep your hair moisturized. If it still persists, opt for a dandruff treatment in saloons which needs to be done in every 2 weeks with 3-4 sittings. Saloons use high frequency machines for this. Professionals are always the best choice!

Getting styled always follows a great hair make over. Get a good hair cut in the first row. Don’t blindly copy a celebrity hair style for you. Each of us are unique, hence we are worth of a unique hair make over. Layers and fringes look good on everyone.

Are you brave enough?

Then experiment a new hair style. If you are carrying a straight hair, get it curled or get beautiful locks. If you own curly hair, get it straightened. Else if you love your natural hair texture, then nourish it with proper hair protein therapy, together with hair spa once in a month.

[Check out: 18 Curly Girl Hair Care Hacks from BuzzFeed]

Avoid heat. Don’t over-use your hair dryers and straightening irons, unless it is most essential. Else it is going to ruin your natural hair smoother.

If you love to get it colored, you are not alone. Hair coloring is a sure shot to have that dramatic change in your looks. But very often we get puzzled to select the right hair colour for us. If not selected wisely, it will end up with beauty disaster!

Go for the shades which can brighten your skin tone. The wrong hair colour will wash out your looks.
If you are still unsure about the right hair color, get those hair makeover apps from Google play store.

# Kick Off The Flaws

The right makeup makes every girl more and more beautiful. Pass on ?
Pick the right shade of foundation. Foundation is meant to cover up the skin flaws. Never choose a too darker or too lighter shade. Being a teen, its preferable for you to skip this foundation step in your makeup routine, since your skin is naturally radiant and supple.

Concealer is worthier on a teenage skin than foundation. Don’t blend it on the scars you need to hide. The right way to apply is just by patting it up. And cover it using a translucent powder. Just as simple as that and you are done.

Always highlight your best facial features and experiment with new looks.

Never do eyes and lips together. To maintain the perfect beauty balance, either you have to highlight your eyes, keeping your lips minimal with a neutral gloss or a light pink shade regarding your skin tone. Else if you wish to wear that bright red lipstick, you can beautify your eyes with mascara alone.

# Flatter Your Bag Of Bones

Beautiful girl

Beauty matters

Remember the magic mirror in Snow White’s tale?
I always wished I too had a mystical mirror which reflects me more beautiful. But the mirror never lies… Does it?

Likewise, what we eat is always reflected on our body, as well as on our skin. This seems to be a tough game especially for teens who have frequent breakouts within skin. Guess that’s the most preferred time we wish to be the rule breakers.

Let us be more passionate about ourselves. Don’t give in to those food items which are evergreen enemy to your skin. I know how hard it is to ignore chocolates. I won’t say that you must give up the same forever. Instead have it once in a while, since frequent consumption will lead to severe breakouts together with increased weight.

Keep your body healthy and toned. You don’t need an expensive Gym membership to get it done. Opt for Yoga. It is meant to give you a beautiful mind and thus an amazing body. It works, and you are worth it. There are many free online video tutorials available for this. Aerobics and dance forms also work pretty well. If you want something more interesting and useful, learn some kind of martial arts. You can kick off your foes, together kicking off your body-fat.
Boom Pow, Dishyum…Dishyum..

The choice of right hues for your attires can make you brighter and absolutely prettiest. First you have to find your skin tone type. It can be warm, cool and neutral. Each color carries different reflections on different skin tones.

Don’t let yourself do the wrong choice for your skin. Determine the colours which blend with your skin perfectly well. If your skin is more in the darker side, avoid using those dark shades which makes you dull. And if you have fair skin, avoid using those lighter shades which can wash out your looks. The color you choose must compliment your skin tone.

# Smell Good

And now onto our final beauty wear – Body Mist! For a teen, light floral or fruity fragrance smells cuter than musky kind of stuffs.

Wear a body mist, when your skin is wet just after your bath for more staying power. If you are a complete fragrance maniac, you can give a try on hair perfumes. Use aromatic oils as pre-bath to revitalize your mind as well as body.

Finally an important alert:

These beauty tips aren’t going to work unless you love yourself. Take care sweetheart. Good luck becoming the princess.

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