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It’s Halloween Time! Here Are Some Halloween Costumes in 2016 For You to Check Out

Etymological Origin of Halloween:

Halloween is celebrated mostly in the Western countries.  On this particular day, the holy saints and the martyrs named in the Old Testament of the Bible are commemorated with faith. The residents of Europe celebrate this occasion by wearing a number of costumes that are scary and funny, too, sometimes.

Funny Costumes to Wear During Halloween 2016:

Though people mostly visit each other’s houses by wearing scary costume outfits some celebrate it in a funny way too. They do this by incorporating various creative ideas.

Following are some of the Halloween costumes to wear in 2016:

#1 Jack Sparrow Costume:

Funny Halloween Costumes 2016

Why not trying to wear a red turban like Captain “Jack Sparrow” in “PIRATES OF CARRIBEAN”. Make it a lot more enjoyable by fooling everyone around with the Sparrow’s mannerisms, behaviour and acting in a funky manner that mingles alongside the best attractions of this festival.


# 2 Minion Costume:

Funny Halloween Costumes 2016

Little dwarf like yellowish creatures roaming all over the Halloween party is the most amazingly comic outfit in the entire event. It is the little kids get easily attracted to MINIONs, the fascinating characters in the ‘DESPICABLE’ movie.


#3. Optimus Prime Truck Costume:

Funny Halloween Costumes 2016

Optimus Prime costume is also one of the most amazing costumes that have been very much fascinating for all the teenagers, particularly those who are acquainted with the ‘TRANSFORMER’ series.

The pitch board cut into various shapes and sizes by adding hot glue; this is sufficient enough to make the costume quite jolly one.

Halloween Costumes Amazon 2016

#4. Sputnik 2 Costume:

Funny Halloween Costumes 2016

The funniest costume that also gained attention amongst the Halloween party goers

Stitched with silk from outside, a cone-shaped figure has been decorated to look like a spaceship, and there is a space left in the costume for a little puppy to sit. The suit was stitched to commemorate the first space travel made by the Russian dog ‘LAIKA’ in the year 1986.

#5. Helmet Cat Costume:

Funny Halloween Costumes 2016

This is also one of the most unusual yet very familiar costumes that are popular for Halloween Costumes 2016 too. The ‘Helmet Cat’ costume has been carved out from a contracted basketball; a fluffy fur has been stuffed in as well. It serves a unique outlook all around.

#6. Death Star Costumes:

Funny Halloween Costumes 2016

Remember the Star Wars Movie? The Death Star costume also is enlisted as one of the most demanding costumes of the Halloween 2016. It is just like the actual costume of Death Star shown in the movie.

From the belly of the costume, handmade fiber optics and the light sticks are deployed to make it look like just an original Death Star. It would be really fun! Isn’t it? Amazon has plenty of Star Wars costume choices.

#7. Firefox Logo Costume:

Funny Halloween Costumes 2016

Wearing a short mini skirt and putting a dummy toy tail of a fox beneath the short skirt.

Check out these sexy fox Halloween costumes.

Polishing the paint up to your face like a fox, along with a fox ear hair band on your head looks you like Mozilla Firefox official image logo, just if you put up a ball and bend it. What say?

Do you have any special recommendation for the Funny Halloween Costumes 2016? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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