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5 Magical Potions To Get Rid Of Skin Tan Naturally

Summer is here! Time to pack away the sweaters and flaunt yourselves in chick summer dresses! We all want to bask on the beaches, go fishing, or simply freak out with friends. But unfortunately, most of us forget to protect our skin from the harsh


Addiction To Sleeping Pills Can Kill You

‘Try turning off the lights’ ‘Nope! Not working’ ‘Try closing your eyes’ ‘No use’ ‘Try switching your cell off’ ‘I STILL CAN’T SLEEP’ ‘What about the sleeping pills?’ Of course! Take a pill and it doesn’t take much for you to slip into a peaceful


Migraine? 8 Natural Remedies To Shake It Off

  Fed up of rolling on the floor? Banging your head on the walls? Crying over unfinished work all because of a monstrous headache? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of people who have fallen victim of this herculean headache, the migraine. Well,


Wanna Lose Weight Fast?

Are you that person who always keeps on counting the number of calories you intake? Well, then let me tell you, it’s not just the game of calories. It is a big game out there and losing your weight even a pound is not an easy


5 Makeup & Beauty Tips For Girls

Beauty is intoxicating, especially for a teen like you who wish to stay absolutely hot and pretty ! Well, you are into a magnetic life epoch when you don’t have to worry about those distressing wrinkles, fine lines, grey hair or anything that will ruin


3 Ways To Overcome Introversion

‘‘I prefer spending my day all alone rather than parting with friends, I prefer being silent rather than taking part in conversations, I feel that I can work better by myself than being with a group. Wonder what is wrong with me?’’ Nothing! You are


The Symptoms And How to Prevent Swine Flu

Swine Flu is spreading across India and several other parts of the world. The total number of deaths this disease has bought has now breached 1115 mark and over 20000 people have been affected with this H1N1 virus. Facts about Swine Flu Virus Swine flu