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19 Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned In 19 Years Of Living

I just turned 19 today. Wow, happy birthday to me. Wow, can you believe it? I’m an abnormal guy and I just survived 19 long years. Wohuu! I did nothing special this birthday but working on TeenageHack. No Party, No Blast, No Awesomeness. But hey,


Clutter & Dirt? How to clean your room fast

CLEAN ROOM! What exactly does this mean? Does it mean just to make a way from door to bed and then some space to sleep on bed. Well, if you believe in this equation, then I must tell you that please don’t go any further to read


Ever Wanted To Know How To Win Any Argument Easily?

Often get yourself into verbal fights? But, do you really know how to win an argument easily & quickly every time you get into one? Here’s how it’s to be done. We’ve all heard the famous inspirational quote “Winning isn’t everything”. But no one told


10 Tricks To Hack Into People’s Mind & Influence Them

Shout out to all the lazy people out there. Do you want to get things done without having to get out of bed? Do you want to make absolutely no social effort and still have people like you? Or did you ever want to get things done


4 Effective Ideas To Save Money For College Students

How much money is in your hand now? Or in your account? Hmm. Thinking, right? This itself shows your irresponsibility towards the financial matter. Basically, we teens don’t like responsibility. But when it comes to money, we have to shoulder a bit. Because you never


Newton’s Three Universal Laws Of Life For Higher Productivity

Confused by the title, right? Are you starting to think that there is a writer or philosopher named Newton? No, I am talking about the great scientist. He has something to teach us. Hey, don’t be panicked, this is not a physics lecture. No one is

How To Beat Laziness And Get Things Done

Have you ever thought of hacking your brain to turn yourself into a productive person who calls it a day, every single day? I bet you that you have at least 3 items still pending on your To-Do list. And if I’m correct, you are too

how to wake up early

How To Build The Habit Of Waking Up Early in Mornings

Stop hitting the snooze button of your alarm and Become the Early Birdie without anyone hitting you with a bucket full of cold water? Warning : The stunt in the story is performed by an expert (me). Please Do Not Try this at Home, unless you seriously