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Top 5 All Time Best Books to Read When You're Demotivated

Top 5 All Time Best Books to Read When You’re Demotivated

Loneliness returns when the stock of books gets over. Turning over the same pages, again and again, is an unworthy task. Also, contemplation lies for some time when you do it. But, human mind needs more and more as per its nature. The more we

how to make a day useful

Top 3 Working Methods on How to Make a Day Useful?

Ever Felt Like You’re Running Out of Time in a Day? What If I Say That You’re The One Responsible for Such a Feeling? The major priority of everyone’s life is to improve our strength and lead a better life by knowing the pros and


Wrestle Down The Obstacles & Move On With Your Life

Often when working towards a long range goal obstacles do appear! They confront us in such a way that they substitute our Optimism with pessimism. Setting goals is the first step, achieving them is the second step, and it’s at this second step that most of


How to Follow Your Passion and Choose Your Dream Career?

I am writing these words from Jimbaran, Bali. I am a professional author, blogger and digital nomad. Yep, I get paid to write. Not bad, eh? It wasn’t always this way though. When I was a teenager I wanted to be a: pro basketball player.

It Is Time To Make Mistakes and Learn From Them

There is one thing in this world you all are afraid of. You try to avoid it, dodge it with fear inside you and pray that you don’t get hit by it again. You call it — Failure! It sounds fatal, miserable, terrible, scary and like the

It’s Time To Face Your Mirror of Truth

Take out a ruler and measure the distance between your dream and where you are right now. What? You need more than one ruler to do that? Or is it that you need high power binoculars to spot your dream? Think; Admit it; Face it;

How And Why It’s Time To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You always have the choice to say NO and hide under the rabbit hole. And you do have the choice to say Yes and take the leap of faith. I want you to list out your biggest dreams, ambitions and the things you wanted to