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Top 9 Dating Apps to Find the Perfect Mate

Top 9 Dating Apps to Find the Perfect Mate

Best Dating Apps for Teenagers and Adults Gone are the days when dating apps seemed weird, and people thought it was only for the desperate ones. People always wish to find true love and to be honest: dating apps are only making it easier. You put

Top 10 Signs Showing You’re in Love With Her

Top 10 Signs Showing You’re in Love With Her

Love is a mystery. But you could realize it even better when you’re in love with that special person. Life is subjected to numerous issues. The severity of any problem is judged by its reach and the methods available to cure the disease. When there

How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Top 10 Vital Tips to Make a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Work

Most of the people believe that Long Distance Relationships (LDR) never work out. If you’re planning to make your LDR work, you’re sure to get a lot of hindrances! Because most people think that it’s not that easy to make long distance relationship work out.


Do You Really Know How Infatuation Is Different From Love?

Teenage is such a happy age! You’re growing up, experiencing new things, making the same mistakes again and again, tripping and falling, making your own ways. Teenage marks important experiences in life that shape our future experiences as well. It is also the time we


The 5 Proven Steps To Make Any Girl Fall For You

You caught glance of her and the air whispered, “She’s the one”! Else When you sighted her the first time you had no idea, “she was going to be the one”!  However it might have happened, love at first sight or numerous sights to fall in love with her,


How To Make Friends Like You’re A Human Magnet

They say friends are born and not made. Very true! But for simple talks to blossom into long lasting deep friendship, a little bit of effort is required. Don’t you agree? That first day of college or a new school is very crucial for all


What To Do When Your Family Doesn’t Support You At All?

Do you feel, you live in a world where no one can understand what you are up to? Are you one among them, who are constantly looking for support and affection precisely, from the family? You feel like they happen to be on the other


What To Do When Your Parents Fight All The Time?

They say, just because couples argue with each other every single day it does not mean that they stop loving each other. But when you catch sight of your parents fighting, I doubt if you can still say the same. Well, no relationship is perfect


What Happens When You Fight & Break Up With Your BFF?

‘We shall never be apart’ ‘We are besties for ever’ When it comes to our best friends I am sure all of you would agree to this. But with bffs sometimes the situation also becomes; ‘I can’t take it anymore’ ‘I really wanna speak to