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All Saints’ Day Special: 5 Best Halloween Costumes 2016

Let’s Welcome Halloween 2016 By Wearing These Costumes Halloween is the time of celebration for superstitions, ghosts and other evil spirits. The festival is mostly traditional in American nations. It’s gained its recognition from the ancient Celtic fete of Samhain. People who lived in that


You Can’t Live Without Telling These 11 Hilarious Lies

You hate it when they lie to you. But, can you NOT LIE? There are some lies which you cannot live without telling. Some of them are even life savors. Let’s do quick skim through the 11 biggest lies everyone including you tell people to survive, influence


10 Annoying Comments Which Every Nerd Gets To Hear

‘How I wish I was a nerd’, their lives are so peaceful. Everybody including the teachers, parents and relatives are happy that they are doing so well and they don’t even have to  work hard, they will anyway score well. But did you really think being


25 Types Of Friends You Will Make In College For Sure

College is the place where you’ll go through a major transformation. The kind of company you’re in at that time makes that change. Let’s see the different types of friends you’ll be sure to come across while at college. The Cool Guy He is the


10 Things Hindi TV Serials Have Taught Us About Life

Here’s how it works in my house Me: Hey, mom. What are you watching? Mom: *random hindi serial* Me: Oh, cool. Lets watch this. 20 minutes later- *Watched it, googled it, Wikipedia-ed it, hated myself for it* So, here is the ultimate dissing of the

Are You Really Being Yourself or Just Faking It?

Feel like being someone else?  Feeling like you don’t fit in with them? Feel they are a part to you? Their life is fantasizing, their ideas seem out the box and of course their life seems so cool! But there are hell lot of reasons why you


6 Creative College Party

If you’re a college student, there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss out – Parties! College Parties are the best experiences someone could keep with them forever and ever. It not only is a hell lot of fun, but also helps you to improve the interactions