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Interesting Factoids I Bet You Never Knew About Why College Life Is Better Than School Life

Couldn’t Accept Why College Life is Better Than School Life? Read Further to Know About the Reasons.

Life is a beautiful gift and we can cherish every flavor it will bring only once. Every opportunity it bestows is worth a try, than a long regret.

Live it like it should be lived, enthusiastically, with every drama and delight, passionately, positively and try living every moment to the fullest.

Don’t ever waste your energy in negativity, jealousy, hatred, enmity or regret. You won’t get much chances, so don’t leave any when you get one.

Be prepared.

Set higher goals and work. Life is amazing and you got to shape it in your own ways. And life begins as we grow.

Initially our days are spent in school, studying, making friends and playing endlessly. As per the latest research statistics, school days affect the development of personality of an individual. Later, we enter high school and then college. College life is surely the best life when we look back at our days of childhood and adolescence.

Top 6 Reasons Why is College Life Better Than School Life

#1. Independence

Why College Life is Better Than School Life

There are no parent teacher meetings or letters to home regarding tasks in college. So, an individual learns to tackle situations on his own. A person’s intellectual areas are developed in accordance to the way he reacts, his social attitude and his companions. He learns to choose people he wants in his life. His friend circle gets better during college days.

#2. Free Time

Why College Life is Better Than School Life

Unlike school, college timings and weekend schedules are designed in such a way that students get plenty of time for their other curricular activities. Many students develop their talents in college. Weekends are spent having fun with friends. One learns to manage work and personal life.

#3. No One to Take Care

Why College Life is Better Than School Life

No one will be there to ask you to have food or wake you up, or ask you to a sound nap. You ought to do all these things by yourself.

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You learn discipline, punctuality and importance of being patient and polite. You grow as you live alone, learn to do all your work independently, from management of finances to households.

#4. Exposure

Why College Life is Better Than School Life

In college, we get to participate at higher levels and get a chance to develop skills. A person in college can perform and get recognition for the same at greater heights. There are innumerable opportunities in college to improve confidence, attitude, talents and studies.

#5. No Uniform

Why College Life is Better Than School Life

Well, this can be a troublesome to girls who might spend hours deciding what to wear and what not to. But, it is a much needed change.

Uniforms make institutions look highly formal and college is like a campus, friendly and fresh. One can wear whatever they want. They live their dreams and fulfill their wishes in college life.

#6. Preparation for Future

Why College Life is Better Than School Life

College life will decide what you become in the future. You are supposed to work and prepare for your future goals in college. You get access to world class libraries and guidance in almost every aspect of the desired field. You can research, participate in other programs, independently travel with friends and make the best of your time in college.

Thus, enjoy your college life. These are the best stories one narrates with a tear in the eyes. College is surely the most memorable part of a person’s life.

What do you think of college life over school days? Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

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