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How To Choose The Right College Major For You?


The “brainy” creature we humans may be called, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own set of “tangles” to deal with. Top among them ? Selecting your college major, of course ! It’s incredibly snagging and the one that plagues almost everyone we know.

If you feel the same, cheers honey.

I have made out people who suffer a hell lot of issues in their career, only because of the fluffed decision they made on choosing their college major. And this article is in honor to those heads who chose themselves to stay as an forever-complaint-box.

Probably, you are crammed by tons of suggestions from your parents, relatives, teachers and even from those you didn’t even knew existed. Yeah baby, this is one of the perfect times to steer you into conventional hot leads. Getting locked into these, before knowing what YOU need, is what we call a fluff. No one, but you alone knows what makes you happy, and that alone deserves to button up, isn’t?

Before you are in the saddle to opt your college major, ask the following questions yourself:

  • What interests you the most?
  • Can you connect your interest with your career ?
  • If so, which is your dream job?
  • Are you really passionate about your dream work?
  • Do you hold a clear step-by-step plan on how you will succeed to ?
  • Even it may sound a bit odd to people around you, are you dare enough to follow your dreams ?
  • Finally whatever career you may wish for, does your personality and inter-personal skills fits you for the same ?

If you can answer all these questions clearly and honestly, you have opened the first door to reach the wished-you. ☺

So now you know, what gives you the real spark. The next crucial step is to decide, whether you are fit for your ever-wished-for career. But how we can find whether we have made a right choice for us?

Let’s not move in vague and split up in the end.

Then ?

Let’s go Holland!


Yes. Have you heard of Holland Code ?

It is a theory of careers which help us to select our college major based upon our personality, developed by eminent psychologist John L. Holland. This is an amazing psychological aid to explore the real You.

Well, I will explain this in a simpler shot. Read on to find which is the finest ace of career ahead of you.

Holland codes gifts us a cute hexagonal life-finder.

Hexagonal Life Finder

Hexagonal Life Finder

The hexagon says, the personality types which are adjacent to each other are more likely, than on the opposite side. You shouldn’t bump your head, if your personality and dream job is on opposite ends. This theory classifies every one of us into 6 personality types:

  1. Realistic (R)
  2. Investigative (I)
  3. Artistic (A)
  4. Social (S)
  5. Enterprising (E)
  6. Conventional (C)

Which of the Holland Personality Type You Are Mostly like ?

We need to find out how well your personality matches with your dream work or school environment, hence to give out your maximum potential in career array.

  • For The Dynamo (REALISTIC)

The people with Dynamo personality badge a go-getter attitude. They love interacting with the real world and they enjoy getting along with ideas rather than with people around them. Mostly they enjoy being outdoors and spend most of their time on working over machinery. You may even call them as “Tech-Guru”. It may sounds like their basic need is “Ideas”, and they find a solution to almost anything which is realistic.

If you possess the Dynamo traits, you can go well with the jobs like Engineering, Astronomy, Dentist, Chef, Designing, Surgeon, Architect and fine arts like dance.

So are you the head-of-ideas ?

  • For The Brain Sage (Investigative)

They have to be named the real “thinkers”. It is like they are born to solve problems that are anything under the sun and they do have a solution. These people are intellectual, analytic, logical and curious about everything. They love to involve tasks which lead them to investigation, exploration and discovery.

If you feel that you possess these traits, you have a great career ahead in and as Physics, Economics, Dietitian, Nurse, Finance, Activist, Lawyer, Physician, Technical writer, Psychologist, Engineering research, Medical Research and Scientist.

If you badge these qualities, I bet that you are another “Nation-Up-lifter”.

  • For The Creator (Artistic)

Wow ! You can corner the market if you are an artistic person. You bring out creativity in everything you do. Let it be decorating your room, planning your besty’s birthday bash, composing a love note for your sweet heart and even in your Sunday best you add a pinch of creativity. Creative people are sensitive, original, innovative and open minded.

Creative Art

Creative Art

If you feel to get over your physics class, so as to enjoy the word frames of Shakespeare, you are a born artistic person who can excel in art, music, dance, communication, drama, painting, sculpting, designing, fashion and of course explore the writer in you.

Your careers include Journalism, Chef (obviously we all love artistic food), Fashion Design, Graphics Design, Model, Actor, Musician, Public Relations, Photographer, Teacher and Development Specialist.

You ought to make the world more colorful!

  • For the Helper Hand (Social)

Heartfelt gratitude to those who hold this generous personality. You people stand out from rest of the world, exclusively based on your kind nature. You are caring and empathetic to everyone around you. Rather than sympathizing on other’s distress, you unfold your helping hand. Obviously you enjoy doing this, not for money or fame. Only because you know you are responsible for the well-being of the society.

You can excel in the field of Education, Social service, Community organizer, Customer service, Fitness trainer and Aerobics teacher, Human resources, Nurse, Lawyer, Psychologist, Social advocate and Veterinarian.

You make the world a better place!

  • For The Young Gun (Enterprising)

People who are risk-takers, adventurous and motivational fall in this personality category. Being extrovert and energetic, these people are highly persuasive and ambitious in life. They love competitions and is endowed with public speaking skills, debating and leadership qualities.

If you are one among them, you can excel in Business, Administrative services, Market research analysis, Finance and broadcast journalism.

Can’t wait to shoot out the victory.

  • For the Organizing Chief ( Conventional)

Detail oriented, conservative, logical and above all an organizer, who values precision and accuracy does belong to this conventional personality category. You people latch on to time with greater accuracy and wish to get everything done at the right time (or even before the right time, to start the next task earlier..omg!). They love those works that involves accounting, statistics, mathematics, numerical activities and office settings.

You can take precedence in jobs related to Accountancy, Event organizing, Chemist, Maths teacher, Information Technology, Pharmacist, Real estate and Business trainer.

Precision is your power!

The Inside-Story

  • Choosing the college major is one of the most important decisions in your life. Settle upon wisely!
  • Make choice which gives you a spark, not for anyone else.
  • Don’t head into other leads which you are forced into. Listen, you alone are accountable for your choice and thereafter.
  • Explore the best colleges for your major over the internet. Go, Google and fix on !
  • Select a number of good colleges and ask your senior folks, friends and those who know more about it. Don’t forget to check accreditation of your chosen college.
  • Before taking up the final decision, visit your college to know the environment, classes, staffs and everything which should be in your favor.
  • Remember, climate and culture of your chosen department affects your learning, grades earned and your whole graduation process.
  • Consider all your alternative choices and plan how you will carry out your dreams ahead.

Most of all, believe in yourself and your wise choice.

Good luck ☺

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