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6 Creative College Party

If you’re a college student, there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss out – Parties! College Parties are the best experiences someone could keep with them forever and ever. It not only is a hell lot of fun, but also helps you to improve the interactions and connections with your friends.

But, throwing out a party isn’t a walk in the park. In fact, deciding on what the party should be based on is a confusing act. That’s where you could run some brilliant theme based college parties. These parties let us all show our creativity and even our sense of humor with the costume we decide to be.  This will double the fun.

Here are the best college party theme ideas that you can try out.

College Movie Party.

I remember doing rolling out this party during my high school. It is a party where everyone arrives dressed up as their favorite character from any movie about college. They can be Anna Faris from “The House Bunny” or even John Belushi from “Animal House.”

All of them should not only arrive in appearance as their favorite movie star, but also should act like them. Fake the actions, accent and style. It will be fun. And in the end, you can also give away prizes for the best actor and actress or for the most creative costume.

Anything But Clothes (ABC Party).

This is a hilarious one indeed. When the party starts, everyone should sing “this is an Anything But Clothes party, yaaay!”. The name says it all. They can wear anything, bot not real clothes. That’s the catch.

People should show their creativity by making dresses out of anything from papers to shower curtain. And as long as they are not wearing any clothes, anything goes.

Seven Deadly Sins Party.

I always wanted to be in this party. It’s where you get to show off your creativity in an outfit. There are basically seven deadly sins. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. You can pick from any one of these sins and should turn it into an outfit.

The best part about this party is that there is such a wide range of variety of what you can dress yourself as. If you want to represent lust, dress sexier. Or, if you want to be a sloth, wear sweatpants.

Crazy College Party

Angels and Devils Party.

A scary and weird party indeed. It is also known as the Heaven and Hell party, which is a hell lot of fun. Everyone has the ultimate choice to make whether one should be good or bad.  It’s always interesting to see which people decide to dress up good and which one is bad.

Angels and Demons Party

Set up one room of the house like heaven. Make sure you use decorations that go along with the theme. You’ll need to have a lot of cotton and white clothes. You can set up a hell like surrounding with black color all around, with red lights and blood all over. Well, not blood, but, you know, red liquid, squash or whatever.

Beach Party.

Nothing is fantastic and fun-tastic like a good old day spent on the ocean-side with white sand all around. The first visual image that comes into some people’s mind when they talk about party is a “Beach” indeed. So, it’s one of the best place to throw out a party at.

Let all the people wear bikinis,  shorts and no shirts. Let alcohol flow and let the smoke you smoke out create clouds. Scream, run, hit, tickle and sing.

Blackout or Get Out.

During the journey of our lives, we all make some poor decisions that you later regret. No matter what you try to avoid it, it will happen. Luckily, the college life is pretty forgiving of these poor decisions, which is why some genius went ahead and created a party based entirely on one poor decision, which is to drink like hell until one passes out completely.

This is now one of the most popular and viral party theme. The rules are simple as this. Blackout or Get Out. This one requires a lot of alcohol to run. But, it sure is fun.

[We do not really promote alcoholism. But hey, who gives a shit, right?]


Superhero Party.

Who has not tried to shoot out webs from their wrists and yell like hulk when they were young. Well, I still do it sometimes. Right now, you’re in your 20’s. And this is your second chance to come back to your good old days and be your favorite superhero again.

The process is simple. Everyone should dress up as different superheroes. And yes, you got it right. They should also act like their superheroes. It will be cool.

Over to you.

I hope you enjoyed the article. If throwing a party on your college wasn’t something you had on your mind, go on and discuss with your buddies. Trust me, it will be fun. Good luck.

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