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How And Why It’s Time To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You always have the choice to say NO and hide under the rabbit hole. And you do have the choice to say Yes and take the leap of faith.

I want you to list out your biggest dreams, ambitions and the things you wanted to have in your life; The things you badly need, the places you wished to go and the plans that you wished you could work on in real time.

Now, you have to be honest to yourself and ask yourself how much of these things you have achieved in life (if any). Ask yourself the question :

Is this where I wanted to be? Is this what I wanted to do?

If you’re honest enough to yourself, the answers will be negative, tragic and will have the impact to make you feel sad and pathetic. Well, that’s okay! You’re not the only one who haven’t hit the bulls-eye with their goals.

And, now you know where you are. — It’s not where you want to be, not even near. Right?

The Comfort Zone and the Magic Zone.

Admit the fact that you’re at the comfort zone; where you always say no to potential elements and try to be safe. You don’t want to take the risks, hurt yourself and lead yourself into a tragedy.

But it’s all a matter of your mindset. It’s about your fear. You’re afraid that, if you step out of your comfort zone — you’ll injure yourself.

This fear is what’s keeping you away from the Magic Zone. This dark evil fear is consuming you. And the more afraid you are and the more you try to stay in the safe circle, the bigger the fear monster grows.

But, I’ll tell you a bitter truth : Stay on the Comfort Zone or not, in time — you’ll die. You’re not gonna take anything with you when you go down the hole.

And, what’s so magical about the Magic Zone?

Nope, it doesn’t have fairies or Santa Claus to give away gifts; But what it does have is “Pain”. Some real experiences, adventure, lessons, tasks and risks.

And when there is Pain — There’s always Gain, a lot of it.

When you step out of the comfort zone and into the magic zone : You will be overwhelmed with the new environment, new tasks and of course — the fear monster will be back again.

He will be accompanied by your inner critic, your worst nightmare.

Your inner critic is the one who keeps saying — “Hey, it’s not your game, let’s bail out and be safe”. OR “You don’t need to do that. It’s a lot of pain and no gain at all.

Well, trust me — this is completely normal.

He will keep on reminding you about the consequences, the hard work you need to do, the time you need to spend and the embarrassment you will feel.

And when this Inner Critic and the Fear Monster team up, yes — it’ll be a tough job for you. But, you have to master the art of taming these thoughts and put them on fire.

Understand the fact that — These creatures live within you. You’re the one who got the power, the control. You’re Superior.
And you can simply click the button and say “Not this time assholes.

It’s time to Fuck Your Fears the doggy style.

This is where the true magic happens. When you’re out of the comfort zone, you’ll have to work a lot. (And please for fuck’s sake — Work doesn’t mean Pain.)

Think about it. You’re finally doing something you love to do. Something worth the shot. You know that!


Where’s the pain? The sweat? The time? The embarrassment?
It’s nowhere but in your goddamn mind.

Just think about the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow.

Picture success. Think about all the good things that could happen to you. All the things you could do. All the people who will appreciate you, and much more.

The rewards which you can estimate will motivate you. Think about these rewards, not the consequences that could happen if something goes wrong. And hey, you know that nothing’s gonna go wrong. You know it’s your game, where you belong.

Yes, everyone is a newbie at everything they try to do for their first time. And that means mistakes will happen. It has to. And it is from these mistakes, you should learn more and sharpen your skill-set.

You haven’t Failed Enough. Start Making Mistakes. (Read again)

Trust me, you might feel a bit of the pain. And in time, you’ll get the pain killer. You’ll get to celebrate. No Pain, No Fucking Gain!

And you’ll get to tell your inner critic and the fear monster — “Hey you, who’s the man now?

You have a lot to win and not too much to lose. You know it.
So, get out of your Comfort Zone, step into the Magic Zone and take the fucking leap of faith.

What do you think?

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