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How To Propose The Girl You Love Romantically For a YES

Looking for a way to impress your love. That girl who has left you spell-bound and made your heart beat deserves an out the box proposal, doesn’t she? After all, you don’t want to hear a “NO” right?

If you’ve decided to propose that girl you love and you need to make things unique and special, keep on reading this post.

All of you want that you make that day a very memorable one, when you disclose the biggest secret of your life. To your love, the ‘special’ one. Nothing should make you lose that moment.

But wait guys, is cost ruining your idea? Do you think all your plans will be a complete failure just because it isn’t costly?  Then please hold on your breath a while cause this idea will blow your blues away.

All you need is some of your friends, oh yes, your friends. I know they are the ones who will be more eager than you to get you that girl and call her ‘sister-in-law’. Just kidding dude, but yes for this method you need your friends who have petrol in their vehicle (Why).

Common man, you need to create that ambiance to get a “Yes” and the woman say, ‘Oh My God, this is so amazing.’ And trust me this won’t cost you much, yet will give you that ‘affirmative dollar’ smile. You’re gonna have to step out of your comfort zone here.


Okay now, let’s move on to,

What all do you need?

  • Rose Petals (they are the heart of relation)
  • Candles (to light up your love)
  • Vehicles (at least 4, with working headlights)
  • Audio Speaker (to soothe the air with music) [And obviously, a music player. Or your phone will do]
  • A ring (okay, this is optional. You can even have a rose)

These are all the things you need!


What to do?

You’ve heard, ‘nose for news’? If not, no worries, you don’t need to bother about that. But you need to have a ‘nose for place.’ Wow, now what’s this? This is your ability to find a suitable place.

You have a get a calm, quiet road (yes, you are doing this in the middle of the road). Now choose accordingly, a place where the traffic won’t disturb you and this has to be in the dawn time.

Now how and why will she come there at that time? For this you need to have good contacts with her friends or a good relation with her so that she comes and witnesses all your love. Your love has to make her go crazy.

Now, when you are done selecting the place comes the beautification of the place. You’ve already got the things, just arrange them. Starting with the rose petals, all you need to do is arrange them in a big heart shape on the road. If the shape isn’t correct make it again, it should be perfect, Picture Perfect!

Next, you need to arrange the candles on the edges of the heart. More the candles more will be the elegance added. Arrange them carefully; bigger candles will stay for longer duration, thus play safe. You would not want them to be out between your proposal.

Impressive Heart set up

This is how the set up should be.

Now half of your work is done. Next, you have to make all the vehicles (four-wheeler or two-wheeler), stand in a straight line facing the heart. So that when the headlight is on, it directly falls on the heart and you standing next to it.

Impressive Proposal set up

The vehicle lights on

Finally, play a romantic song with the help of speakers to add up a royal feeling.

Now, everything has to be dark except the lighted candles around the heart. And as you walk in to the place, ask your friends to slowly turn on the headlights and play the music (now that’s something surprising). And then all of a sudden you, go on your knees with the ring or the rose and tell her how much you love her.

Trust me every girl likes surprises and she is sure to have that “aww, so sweet expression”. She will feel like a princess and will for sure treat you as a prince, her prince!. She will fall for this for sure, with all the efforts you have put in to impress her.

So, what are you waiting for? ey?

Go get your girl.

What do you think?

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