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Relationships are always toxic, and so you are being in a true relationship.

I am not here to put down the singles all over the world. But I must say, you people are missing something in your life – Yes, that some-“thing” which can only be filled by your that some-“one” !

Hey, wait sweetheart…Let me complete before you creep into your thoughts ☺

If you are the one enjoying your single-hood, you might spell, that love is a total waste of time and it’s full of emotional craps, isn’t ?

On the contrary, if you are the victim of a broken relationship, the things you want to say is not that far, like taking you under the wings, and you don’t want it to hurt you again.

There are some others, who have been waiting for years, but disappointed and who thinks themselves that they do have some issues which is the cause of too hard to find “my-love”.

Well, it’s high time to break the ice.

Let’s get real!

The first thing I learnt when I met my life partner is – Everything happens at the right time with the right person. When this strikes you, you are sure to give a red light to your past thoughts which screwed your life till now.

How I Met The Love Of My Life ?

It’s hard to find whether he or she is “the one” you have been searching since years. But never try to “find” your soul mate, as it will eventually end you up in wrong person. Just prepare yourself to “welcome” him in your life.

Who knows, he may be around you now or he may be on the way to your life.

If you believe in destiny, then that’s the exact word to nail down. Else we can call it gift- of-universe, for those who have both feet on the ground.

I shall frame my love-life to stand up for the same again and again.

I was an extreme “realism freak”, when I had to belt the love happenings around me. I always disguised (feared actually), since I was a child of broken parents. My life itself has clearly defined the aftereffects of a crippled relationship. Hence I was determined not to wind up myself with a wrong man.

I had a few attractions before (obviously, I am a human too

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