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Top 8 Signs Showing That You’re in Love With the Wrong Person

How to Know That You Are Falling in Love With the Wrong Person?

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world!  The event of falling in love seems similar to living a fairy tale to every individual. Almost ninety percent of youngsters have already been hit by the Cupid’s arrow, while the rest of the ten percent is yet to be hit.

People of this century seems to have lived over as soon as the person starts feeling differently for someone.

Lesser does the person realizes the harsh reality, only when he or she is hurt and finally revives or falls into depression once the latter leaves. The situation has been tagged as ‘The Infatuation‘ by this generation’s teenagers. But not all relationships are sincere and genuine. If that’s the case, the number of divorce cases wouldn’t have spiked up this much in the last two years. The reason for such instances happens mostly when somebody is in love with the wrong person.

Here we’re sharing some actual signs that indicate the nature of love that person has for you. Read further below.

Top 8 Signs Showing That You’re in Love With the Wrong Person

Do you doubt that your relationship is fake? Ever felt that your love is cheating on you? Or even if there is no such reason, do you think that you are with the wrong person?  If these are the ideas revolving in your mind, we have few clues up in our sleeve for you to relate to and see whether you are with the wrong person. Do not feel helpless or fall in a dilemma then, while we share our views. Check out the following hints to ensure whether you are thinking right or not:

#1. Intense Sacrifices

Falling in Love With the Wrong Person

It may happen that you are giving away all your happiness, sacrificing on every small thing just for your love’s happiness. Still, he or she does not reciprocate your love; neither is interested in your love.

You start feeling as in you are in a one-sided relationship. This is one of the most pathetic feelings. If you feel the same, without thinking further, accept the fact that you have to move on in life. Don’t let yourself break into pieces; it’ll only lead you to trouble and depressions.

#2. Lack of Seriousness

Falling in Love With the Wrong Person

Difficult situations between you two become frequent. The latter does not try to make peace, even at the serious moments. He does not understand the gravity of the situation at all. Keeping secrets become too common unlike the initial stages of your relationship. The person prefers not to disclose his personal life in front of you.

#3. Distances

Falling in Love With the Wrong Person

Your partner chooses to maintain distance from you and is emotionally least bothered. You try showering them with lots of love, but they do not seem to want or sometimes even like it. This may sometimes result in the latter becoming moody as well.

Every petty matter of yours starts irritating the person. Gradually, the person turns uninterested about your life and your problems. You start feeling as if you are a burden on your partner.

#4. Dissatisfaction

Falling in Love With the Wrong Person

The person wants to change you according to his or her wish. This will at first, seem alright for you and you make even settle for the compromise. But, the alert in your life is ‘never settle yourself for anything lesser than you deserve!’ You just cannot be the person who you are, in front of him, due to your fear in mind that he or she may dislike it. You always try to be in someone else’s shoes so that you can fit in according to your partner’s choice.

#5. Manipulation and Disrespect

Falling in Love With the Wrong Person

To make situations worse, they even try to manipulate you towards the wrong. You are always taken for granted by them.

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They get dissatisfied with your work and keep lowering your self-esteem as well as self-respect to a very questionable extent. But you feel too scared to raise your voice, just in case your partner decides to leave you, then and there. If you have already begun feeling so, for whom are you waiting for? Please move out before he or she makes you forget how to move out.

#6. Routine Check-up on Love

Falling in Love With the Wrong Person

Love can always bring you both together, even after a rough time; it happens only if both have respect for each other, patience to bear the mistakes, and always forgive and forget.

Relationships have always turned out beautiful, only if the couple set a goal for a happier life together and work on achieving it even after going through the road rash.

You can never clap with one hand, can you? Same way, if either of you are not really interested, the relationship ruins. Always remember, love is a serious matter; physically as well as mentally. Do not let anyone drain you out of this seriousness, because of their personal problems with you.

#7. Lack of Communication

Falling in Love With the Wrong Person

You are no more excited about meeting your partner. The thought itself, depresses you, making you avoid further fights or arguments. You rather initialize spending more time with even the least close friends and start avoiding your partner, to prevent creating another issue. Same goes to the other person. Either he or she avoids conflicts with you and prevents further meeting or keeps on insisting on meeting up just to irritate you.

The excitement,  the enthusiasm, the cheerfulness and enjoyment you both used to feel for each other, is gone long back.

#8. Obsession and Over- Possessiveness

Falling in Love With the Wrong Person

Your partner is over possessive, over-protective and obsessed about you. Now, this is another of those top notch points you need to be careful about. Loving someone, one tends to be possessive and protective. But if he or she has become over possessive or obsessed regarding you, then run as far as possible!  You are with a completely wrong person.

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Loving someone, one tends to be possessive and protective. But if he or she has become over possessive or obsessed regarding you, then run as far as possible!  You are with a completely wrong person.

If 3-4 of the above-mentioned points make you relate to yourself, be true to yourself and try to communicate with your partner about this problem; or just move out, before it is too late.

You must be aware of what one wrong decision, especially related to relationships with a person, can do to you in later stages of your life. So it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Yes, the decision is tough to make. You do not want to lose anyone in your life, but at least be justified with yourself.

Love everyone, but in turn, do not forget to enjoy yourself too. Everyone in this world undergoes the hard times, but the brave ones are those who face it courageously and fights back!

What’s your take on being in relationship with the wrong person? Fee free to share your views in the comments section below.

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