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Wrestle Down The Obstacles & Move On With Your Life

Often when working towards a long range goal obstacles do appear! They confront us in such a way that they substitute our Optimism with pessimism. Setting goals is the first step, achieving them is the second step, and it’s at this second step that most of us stumble.

We stumble not because the goal is unachievable, but rather because of unexpected obstacles and challenges that arise along the journey that make the goal seem unachievable.
In our experience with overcoming obstacles, we all are faced with challenges that seem impossible and impractical to solve. One thing you can do, before concluding anything, is to try and change your perspective.

Fight Back

Fight Back

Creativity is linked to fundamental qualities of thinking and how we utilize our bank of prior experience, such as flexibility and tolerance.
Here are some recommendations to help you go through your tough times!
First and foremost;

Keep a Check on your Emotions.

Emotions or stress can sometimes affect our thinking and judgment. Do not let these cloud your mind. In most cases, problems are best dealt logically. Try adopting a rational mindset and let your mind govern your actions. In your mind, go through what the problem is and then identify the steps which are required to resolve the situation before taking action. If you find you are too emotionally charged, pause for a moment and let yourself calm down first.

Analyze the problem

Take a minute or two to actually define the problem. Sometimes, when given a problem, we naturally assume it is something it really isn’t and thereby implement the wrong solution. It is often more effective to ensure you understand the problem, its symptoms and causes before proceeding.
Ask yourself!
“What makes this so hard to get done?”
“What might you need that you haven’t had in order to reach your goal?”
“When you have tried in the past to overcome this, what got in your way?”

Identify the Solution

Gain a new perspective, look at the bigger picture. Each and every problem has a solution, you just need to find it the right way. By seeing circumstances through a different lens, and by building the assurance to act with confidence you can identify the solution.
Once we become aware of what is really holding us back and how we participate in that self-limiting process, we are then free to change and that freedom leads to more freedom. Something gives in us, fortune smiles on us and luck, providence or coincidences happen as if a dam has broken, and our authentic life comes rushing to meet us.

The choice is always ours: to feed our attention to our obstacles or to feed our attention to our desire for happiness in life. The first will bring us more obstacles; the other brings us the courage to change.

Every goal we set naturally comes with a set of obstacles attached to it and in order to achieve the goal you have to deal with the stumbling blocks in the way. Unless we successfully maneuver through these hindrances and overcome them, we will fail to learn the valuable lessons that are required to help us achieve and keep our goal when we get to that end destination.

Hey You, Change

Hey You, Change

Obstacles by their very nature challenge you to Grow, Change and Adapt.

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