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What Happens When You Fight & Break Up With Your BFF?

‘We shall never be apart’

‘We are besties for ever’

When it comes to our best friends I am sure all of you would agree to this. But with bffs sometimes the situation also becomes;

‘I can’t take it anymore’

‘I really wanna speak to her’

‘Wait, but why should I make the first move?’

‘She is the one who made the mistake’

‘No way, I will not give up’

‘I am really pissed off’


Well, all of us have a bffs in our life, that person whom you can truly refer to as your bestie, the one who shares all you happiness and sorrows, speaking of which what is friendship without those silly big fights. It’s always easy to argue on a topic but solving it always looks like a herculean task.

If you do have besties then I am sure that you would have encountered these stages during those disputes.

  1. Anger

Soon as you step into an argument, you start boiling with anger.

‘How could she possibly do this to me?’


You go like “I HATE YOU” when you’re all angry

Once you are all heated up with anger, your mouth becomes the platform for its expression and sometimes your words even turn into actions. You words probably start getting bitter and harsh. And by this time you would have probably forgotten ‘the best friends forever’ thing.

Well there is nothing wrong in being angry but try not to be too noisy and dramatic because you would probably wanna patch up with her soon.

  1. Breaking the friendship

Once you are done yelling out those sharp words the next step would probably be deciding that it’s over. You start thinking only about her mistake and thus blaming her completely for the situation. The only thing that goes through you mind would be,

‘It was her mistake’

And then you probably decide that you can never be friends with such a person so here we go,

Time to end it!


  1. Broadcasting your arguments.

Soon as you decide to break your friendship, your whatsapp status turns to

‘All bad things come to an end’.

You turn to all social media sites to express your feelings. And you even start telling others about what happened between you both. Well, more than speaking about the issue you will be more interested in proving her wrong and you correct.

A small advice from my side, don’t ever do that. Because once things come back to normal you will be embarrassed for all that you have done in the grip of anger.

  1. Cooling down

The next stage involves calming down. Now you start thinking a little differently. You start feeling sad and would want to cry out loud. You begin to acknowledge your mistakes too.

  1. ‘Is she feeling the same?’

In this situation, you desperately want to know what she is feeling.

‘Is she also sad?’

‘Is she ignoring me?’

‘Is she breaking our friendship?’

  1. ‘I want to badly talk to her’

This is where you are reminded of all those promises which you have made as best friends. You start thinking of all those memories and experiences that you have enjoyed and you will probably be dying to talk to her. Come on how can you probably survive without sharing your boyfriend’s stories with her?


Should you make the first move? Yes!

  1. ‘But, wait why should I make the first move?’

This is where your ego takes over. You would want to patch up with her but you would prefer her to make the first move. Well she might also be thinking the same thing actually.

The next step depends on you. It is for you to decide whether you want to break this beautiful friendship with some silly fights or due to want to cherish your friendship till the end?

Go on, make the move

Your best friend is probably waiting:)

What do you think?

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