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First Aid Tips You Should Be Knowing To Become A Hero

You might have come across at least one person who calls doctor the “life saver”, what if you get a chance to become one? Of course, who would like to see a person suffer or die!

You might have come across times, where your friend fell and got bruises or some other friend just burned her hand. Standing there, knowing not what to do and just becoming the part of the whole commotion. I’m sure you didn’t want your friend to suffer that way and you didn’t want to make it worse either.

So, I would make you familiar with some First Aid Tips which I’m sure that would help you sometime or the other.
When consulting a doctor  is not the first hand available option, there are certain ways which will lend a hand in the process of treatment and cure. These are somethings, which are not only your duty but responsibility too.

Mr Bean First Aid Funny

Mr Bean Didn’t know how to do a proper first aid

Okay, so when I talk about first aid, first aid kit is something which has to come first.
So, what are things that your first aid box should contain? Oh, don’t worry, you don’t need to answer this question, I will for sure provide you the list of things your first aid box should contain.So, here it goes.

The things your safety box or the first hand kit should have:

  1. Absorbent Compress Dressings
  2. Adhesive Bandages
  3.  Adhesive Cloth Tape
  4. Antibiotic Ointment
  5. Aspirin
  6. Blanket
  7. Cold Compress
  8. Scissors
  9. Roller Bandage
  10. Thermometer
  11. Cold, Cough and Fever Medicine (as prescribed by doctor)

Don’t go by the size of the list, these things comes handy and you would never regret carrying these. My task isn’t complete here. Let’s talk about certain things which will prove to be a helping hand, when in need.

These are some of the most common ailments which are prevalent. And these are some measures which will aid in the process of stopping these from worsening.

So now, let’s deal with these bugs one by one.

  • Fever, oh yes it visits us every now and then!

When you are attacked by this, no matter how strong you believe yourself to be, you are laid down. Tiredness seizes you and you feel helpless! And if your condition deteriorates you can be sure about loosing some weeks, cause man, you will be bedridden.

So, now what you can do is, as soon as you feel a little feverish or a little too hot,  you should take out the thermometer and measure the temperature. If, the temperature is above 99 degree Fahrenheit, then take some medicines at the very first stage so that it is stopped there itself.

If the temperature is high, then take some cloth, soak it in cool water and dry wash your body. Keep a small wet cloth on the forehead. If, the condition is no better, then don’t risk but go consult a doctor honey. Don’t rely only on this.

  • Bruises, best friend of the careless (not always)!

Remember just walking and getting hurt by some stupid thing which you didn’t see as you were so careful (I mean careless). Or when your friend just fell while running and you could not stop laughing until, you saw those big lines running through his legs and hands.

Bruises come under the category of those ailments which are generally left unnoticed. But sadly, this can even poison your body depending upon the thing because of which you are in that condition.

In such cases,apply ice for at least 15 mins on the affected area. Make sure that your skin and ice are not in direct contact but you have something in between. For example, you can hold the ice in a cloth and then apply.
Apply some antibiotic ointment, if this is not available then some cream, so that it doesn’t get infected. If it is something which could be poisonous then take a “tetanus” injection as if, not treated properly these can cause serious painful muscle spasms or even death. Don’t take it so lightly folks. Rest that area and if possible keep it elevated.

If still there is problem, then please consult a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Burns, no burning!

That day, when your friend accidentally dipped her hand into that bucket of burning hot water and after a while all you could see was her skin coming out. Yes, that was nothing less than a nightmare for both of you. Her beautiful hands now may have that scar, leaving the past to be present forever.

You would have wanted that, ‘only if this did not take place’. You did not want her to cry, you did not want her pain to last and of course you did not want that skin to peel of like that. When everyone else was panicking, all you wanted was to stop that process.

Then boy/girl, you can actually stop that. Yes! you can. Firstly, you should not panic and use your presence of mind and do these little things.

Firstly, if the fire has caught, put if off using some blanket maybe. Remove hot or burning clothing by cutting or tearing them. Remove things like jewellery, belts as these make the fire spread. This is when the body has caught major fire. In this case, after the first aid, you should definitely consult a doctor.

When the burn is not that severe or only at one part of the body, run cool and not cold water on the affected area. Use compresses if water is not available. After this, cover with sterile non-adhesive bandage or a clean cloth. Treat the pain using painkillers. Consult a doctor, if necessary.

In case of small burns toothpaste can help if, applied immediately.

  • Diarrhea, please don’t come!

Diarrhea causes dehydration. Dehydration causes your body to loose its ability to function. This brings with  itself a lot of physical changes as ‘what goes in, comes out.’

Thanks to all those ‘yummy’ food and the ‘good’ water which we consume, as a reward get dehydrated in no time. This can show the way to decreased urination, fast heart  beat and decreased responsiveness. You drain out your body fluids through liquid bowel movements which accompany every meal of yours and even your drinks.

So, when your body loses so much of water, you have to re hydrate it. You need to consume hell lot of liquids in any form like, juices, soda and normal water. You should eat semi solid or low fiber food.  I know you don’t feel like eating but you have to.

Good news for all those who are forced to drink milk by your mothers, you are not allowed to consume any milk or milk made stuffs during these days. More than this no alcohol and no caffeine.

Take a solution of Oral Re hydration Solution if this is not available, mix a pinch of salt and sugar in boiled cooled water and drink it twice or thrice. Take a lot of rest.

  • Food Poisoning, no I wanna live more!

Bet me on this once poisoned you will have a hard time. Not little hard but very hard one. You will be so tired of vomiting that, you will say,” No more Food.” You might have  seen someone or the other like that.

Well coming to the point, this happens as a result of contaminated food, bacteria, viruses or parasites which affect the food. Not only these but there are natural substances like poisonous mushrooms which can also have the same result.

What you need to do is avoid solid food and eat light ones like bananas, rice or bread. No fried dishes please. And yes, don’t become your own doctor and prescribe yourself medicines. Prevent yourself from being dehydrated. Consume food more often than you do regularly.

  • Faint, don’t ever experience

Are you the one who has seen a lot of friends fall while standing in your assembly line and wished why I never experienced? Then please don’t pray for such an experience cause you will be so in sleep that you would not even experience the experience.


Now if you see someone fainting, please don’t circle around. Just make that person lay on the back and elevate legs to restore the blood flow to the brain. Loosen tight clothing, if any. Sprinkle water, awake that person and give some rest and fluids.

  • Hiccups, what’s this?

We have different theories regarding this. I have heard people even say that you get hiccups when your  loved is remembering you (only if this was true).

Anyways, it is nothing but sudden contraction of diaphragm happening several times a minute.

All you need to do is, hold your breath, drink a glass of water quickly.  You can also take a teaspoon of sugar, put it on your tongue and let it dissolve slowly. These will give you positive effects to deal with hiccup.

Follow these simple steps and help yourself and others.

As said the greatest wealth is health, so stay fit, stay healthy and stay you!

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