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Do You Want To Get Your Ex Back After A Major Breakup?

Thinking about them still brings tears to your eyes? All you want to remember are those split seconds of exuberance which you shared with them; those hugs, those kisses, those endless talks. Then boy and girl you are still not over them. You want them back.

You don’t want to let go of them. You just want to tell them, “Baby, I need you back.” Then guys here I will tell you some steps to solve your broken relation.

I know you want to be back with your ex, but firstly you need to be sure if they feel same way or not. Because sometimes you need to move on without certain people even though they seem to hold all the pieces of your heart or rather they are your heart.

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How To Get Your Ex Back?

Accept the Fault.

Firstly, accept that you are equally accountable for the fall in relationship. Had there been some efforts from either side the person would not have become your ex. You have to stop looking for someone to put the blame on and do what is needed to fix it. Remember you need them back.

As it is said, you can’t clap with one hand. Same way efforts have to be from both the sides to make this work better. All you  need to do is say, ” Yes, it was my mistake. What can be done to solve it?”When you don’t try to find out what is wrong, the other will automatically believe it’s your fault and that is why you have zipped your mouth. Don’t find faults, find a remedy. [Read how making mistakes are gonna help you.]

Wipe Out Your Ego.

The major factor for the ruin of all relationships! You didn’t want to solve the problem because you thought it would lead to you loosing your worth, your value. What did you want to prove and whom? Your love? Isn’t she the one, who has to join hands with you forever?

And you feel small if you say sorry to them? Then surely man, you don’t love her. I would not say love has to be unconditional but love and ego can’t go hand in hand in a relationship. It is this superiority complex which stops you from opening your heart and shouting out loud, “I love you, I miss you and I’m sorry.”

Just drop the E from EGO and let it Go. Kill Ego before it kills your love.

Effort To Communicate

So, till now you might have accepted the fault and killed your ego. Now it’s time to talk to them. Making out for a few minutes will seem like upstream boating but, it will gradually lead you to that downstream where boating is effortless. You have to stop pretending that ” you don’t care” and tell each other how you really feel.

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Communicate, it is one of the best ways to heal things. Don’t assume your partner knows everything you want him to know, try to reel out what you feel. Remember how those magical words of love worked wonders, just try it out! Make your doubts and points clear, there should not be any more scope for misunderstanding. Don’t make your communication an illusion, make it real.

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Give Time.

Time is the greatest healer right? Don’t expect that your relationship status will change overnight. I know this time will seem to much longer than it really is. But this is where your patience counts. Your wait will seem like that of the father, waiting for the prodigal son to return home.

You have to stay strong and patient. Trust me, this would be the best wait in your life because time will reveal to you that you took a step in the right direction. Don’t even think of giving up from her. Sometimes all you need is Faith.


Give time, communicate and get back your love

Bring In The Love Back.

Now, when both of you have decided to be together, why miss the essential of the relationship, Love? Try and bring back those good moments and don’t let any past incidents ruin it. Don’t even try bringing your faults and mistakes into the movie. This is supposed to be that scene in movies where you make love.

Tell each other how they make you feel crazy in love. How seeing them makes you want for nothing else and how much you missed them all this while. Remember, this is when you need to break all the chains of uneasiness and feel the spell of magical love all over again.

Remember life is not as bright as sunshine, but you can face even the storm together. Don’t give up on your love and regret forever instead cling to it and gain it back.

Over to you.

Now you’re ready to fire baby! Leverage these tips and get your ex back. Make her the princess. Good luck.

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