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The development in every theatre of operations in the upcoming years has led to the demand for a higher standard of living. It indirectly led to increased need for money. Though, it is true that money can never purchase happiness.

Nevertheless, it is also true that money can be the source towards happiness. Money has now become an indispensable mode of livelihood. Survival without money has become a nightmare for every individual.

The younger generations have more desire towards the high technological environment and apparently led to an increase in the investments accordingly. To earn money, you need the respective domains of study.

Today, by the grace of God, thousands of new battlefields have come up, leaving the generation with diversified choices. To settle down sooner, or to earn a handsome amount of dollars, the young minds are in need of the right career which will direct them towards lucrative and promising remunerations.

The future with the handsome salaries thus seems to meet their desire. If you are one of such, in search of the highest paying future with the right amount of effort and time, then you are in the exact spot. I will allow myself few suggestions for the highest paying jobs at present.

Here are some top career opportunities in the world where you can reach your dreams.

#1. The Business Analyst

highest paying jobs

This position has become one of the sexiest fields of the twelvemonth! With the growing businesses in the world, analysis has become an integral constituent of it. To do so, choosing the right person is the need of the contemporaries. The business tycoons are in search of the person with logic, high IQ, brilliant performance in handling affairs, and desiring professionalism.  The average salary in this field is $91,512.

Qualification Required:

For this, you need to pursue business administration, accounting, logistics and statistics as the discipline of study. The Master’s degree is most favoured.  Once you get the certification, you need to have at least five years of experience in the same, from a reputed company. The playing area is struggling, no doubt, but the remuneration is ever – promising!

#2. The Investment Banker

highest paying jobs

You might not be much familiar with this subject. An investment banker is the one who works in raising capital for a company. It requires a well- developed, strategic focus towards the welfare of the company. You must be adept to long hours of work, love towards the task, and have excellent communication skills. An average salary for the person of such field is quite high as $100,000- $150,000 with experience.

Qualification Required:

An investment banker needs an extreme level of wit. In this domain, a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a master’s degree will do. The person with the degree of law is also highly favoured

#3. The Chartered Accountant

highest paying jobs

Being one of the most honourable job in the world currently, it is also the toughest! You need to deliver an extraordinary brain in accounts and business. The toughest part of it is that you need to do everything on your own. The salary at the entry level $73,495.

Qualification Required:

To become a Chartered Accountant, you need to qualify the Common Proficiency Test or the CPT after higher secondary education. Afterwards, the person should complete the Integrated Professional Competence Course or the IPCC and the other related courses, which will consume about 3 years. After this, the C. A. Final exam needs to be qualified.

#4. Aviation as the Career

highest paying jobs

The career as a pilot is very much in demand, but the number of people applying is quite low. So the competition is comparatively less, and the sky’s the limit for the right candidate! The high pay package deserves to candidates having well-developed skills in operating the plane. The medium pay package is $151,000.

Qualification Required:

For this career, 250 hours of flight time along with 1,500 hours of flight time for the Pilot certificate is required. The degrees can be achieved through flight schools and institutions after higher secondary education. The degree should be from a recognized institution.

#5. Oil and Natural Gas Sector

highest paying jobs

This is another place to earn extremely well. The Government is highly in need of such professionals in order to explore the resources of the earth. The natural resources have been highly exploited till date by the man, leading to endangered resources. To find out alternative ways of usage, the world needs geologists and geoscientists today. Also, a marine engineer, an oceanographer includes in this. An experienced professional in this field can easily extract $230,000.

Qualification Required:

To come up in the respective field, you need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in either technology of the respective field or honours in geology. The task is mainly labouring.

#6. The Medical Professionals

highest paying jobs

The newly discovered diseases every day have raised the demand for medical experts and the invention of influencing medicines. This has led to wanting for increased number of doctors and pharmacists. Along with the struggle in theory and practice, the field is extremely competitive. Thorough knowledge of medicine is required. It has been the most esteemed, and secured careers since ancient times till now. A general practitioner can earn $512,000 on fixed schedules.

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Along with the struggle in theory and practice, the field is extremely competitive. Thorough knowledge of medicine is required. It has been the most esteemed, and secured careers since ancient times till now. A general practitioner can earn $512,000 on fixed schedules.

Qualification Required:

The study and experience in this particular study is never ending. After the higher secondary education, a bachelor’s degree in medicine is called for finding a career out of this. This consumes 5 years. Later, a post graduation in the specialized field should be followed. The term is for three years. A doctorate in medicine with sheer practice is a sure winner.


It has been said that you need to attain excellence to reach success. Along with dreams, a real struggle is a must. Only then can you receive your reward.

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