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Relationship Hacks: How to Approach a Girl You Like in Your College?

How Should I Approach Her? What Should I Say to Her?

Approaching a girl you like for the first time is one of the toughest tasks a guy has to do. It happens mostly during college days, though. Once a guy likes a girl, he cannot simply avoid her nor is he able to approach her because he does not know how to play the game accurately.

There is always confusions regarding the way he could opt for to receive a positive reaction from her end. Almost all the guys are in a constant mood when they try to figure out how the approach should be. Approaching her need not just to be good, but it should also be a notable turn so that the first impression will be stunning and attractive.

Felt A Special Attraction on Her? Here’s How You Can Approach Her Confidently.

The very first step of your approach has the potential to decide your future with that girl. If you fail on this part, you would not only lose her but also your confidence level may go down.

However, there is no need to worry at all. Let your faith stay strong, pull yourself together and follow these steps to make things happen in a way you imagine:

#1. Eye Contact

Relationship Hacks: How to Approach a Girl You Like in Your College?

Eyes meet at first and light the spark within– that’s how things should begin like. Therefore, it is imperative to have a powerful and alluring eye contact in between you two.

Make sure that the eye contact is frequent and long lasting. This way you will know the amount of interest developing on the other side as well as your chances of getting along go well.

#2. Light Smile

Relationship Hacks: How to Approach a Girl You Like in Your College?

After establishing an eye contact relation, you can try giving a light, beautiful smile to let her feel more liked. This smile will take your conversation to another level. If there has been a stable eye contact from your side, believe me, she would hit you back with her pretty smile.

#3. Body Language

Relationship Hacks: How to Approach a Girl You Like in Your College?

Since you have achieved a smile back, you should know that you are surely being noticed by her, and she is trying to form an image of you in her mind.

To give better impressions, take proper care of your body language. Your body language will create strong psychological impacts in her mind; so be cautious.

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Make sure that you maintain a perfect straight posture that exhibits your confidence and willingness to be with her.

#4. Speak Up

Relationship Hacks: How to Approach a Girl You Like in Your College?

Now that you have created an excellent image in her mind, you should not keep her waiting and try to have a conversation with her. Make sure that you showcase your confidence. Be very charming so that she gets even more impressed.

Greet her with the words of your choice but make sure you keep it very comfortable and decent.

Let her be able to feel comfortable around you. You can further ask for her name, tell her yours and chat a little bit more about what is happening around. Once you have made her feel comfortable and maintained an idea about your compatibility, you can talk about more personal details now.

It is not that difficult to approach a girl if you go well prepared and carry great confidence along with you.

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Make sure you respect her while approaching and do not make her feel forced. Along with all the cautions, take care of your appearance too.

Dress well and be ravishing. Look good, behave properly, create a fascinating personality and your result will be more than what you imagine.

How was your experience while approaching a girl for the first time in college? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

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