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How to Avoid Mistakes in Life to Feel the Pulse of Being Alive?

Refresh Button Factor: Avoid these 10 mistakes in your life and live truly.

#3rd mistake sounds quite interesting to break.

If you’re making mistakes, you’re growing naturally through the art of human learning process. However, if you sit on your mistakes, not trying to learn and move away from it, you’re only leading to a stagnated growth.

Sure, there is a ‘refresh’ button is everyone’s life.

You may run away from your home and your family to marry that one person you love. But there are still chances for that one person to ditch you– no matter how many years of relationship status you both own– just after your honeymoon get over. He/ she leaves you for another person. Just imagine how your life would when you get divorced at the age of 25. Does that mean your life is doomed? Hell no! What you need to do is to press the ‘refresh’ button in your life. It is not going to erase the mistakes that you made in your life thus far. Because life is a short journey with so many varieties of experiences, but you can learn from each and every experience and start a fresh life. That’s how our lives should move on.

Wish to Be More Positive in Your Day-to-day Life? Throw Away these Mistakes and Feel the Difference

Given below are some of the mistakes that most of us make unintentionally. However, these mistakes are effective and powerful enough to contaminate our lives. So, if you think you are in the process of making one of the following mistakes, I repeat, all you have to do is simply ‘refreshing’! In case you’re already made any of these mistakes, refresh.

#1. When you don’t go for the career of your own choice

How to Avoid Mistakes in Life

If you’re following what others say and going for a career which you hear to guarantee the status, you can perhaps give out an image of a ‘hot shot’ for some time.

But, in the end, after you have worked for say, 10 years like a dumbass in that job, which you literally hate at the core, you’ll get up and listen to an inner voice saying, “Congrats! You’ve just won the championship for doing exactly what you hate for the longest time you could.” At that particular point of time, you’ll possibly be having thousands of dollars in your wallet. But deep inside your heart, don’t you think you’ll feel the sorrow and regret for not taking that one step which could have made you feel alive throughout your life?

#2. When you choose to live in the past rather than enjoying the present

How to Avoid Mistakes in Life

That one heart-wrenching word, that one taunt, that one incident and that one heartbreak- give them all a plentiful space to bloom in your soul and they will finish your very soul.

You are inviting a huge amount of pain if you are keeping yourself trapped in the walls incised with the bad recollections.

You must keep in mind that what all happened were just some moments. Undoubtedly they were painful, but again, the fact cannot be changed that those were just some moments residing in the past. How can you possibly be mad about the things which are in the past? You must shake them off from your back. If you keep yourself stuck with the memories of your past and make decisions keeping them in mind, you’re only creating a bulk volume of negativity around and it is only going to devoid of all the possible opportunities coming your way.

#3. When you think you’re too cool to be single

How to Avoid Mistakes in Life

So being alone and spending time with oneself is stupid and crazy. But going on a dating-wrong -people -spree one after the other is ok? Only because all your friends have found that ‘special someone’ in their lives, or just because your timeline on Facebook is filled with honeymoon photos of your friends and colleagues. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no happy single person in this planet. Rather, there are a lot many single people than the committed ones. We’re not saying that single people are always happy, whereas committed ones are just too sad people. C’mon! That doesn’t make sense at all. It is only to give up on the thinking that there is any harm in finding your true-self first. One you start to know yourself, to love yourself, you will feel no need to make any extra effort in making someone love you back. You will simply stop pleading for that aspects.

In short, things are going to happen for you on their own and those things are what is going to ultimately mean something in your life! True ideology, isn’t it?

#4. When you start comparing yourself with others

How to Avoid Mistakes in Life

If you’re comparing yourself with other people, you’re not going to end up achieving anything!

Everybody is different and have different qualities.

If they have shiny shoes, you may have an even shinier intelligence. If they are good at speaking English, which apparently is just another language, then probably you are good at some other language, say Hindi. If you see them giving their best on every step, it doesn’t prove that you’re not good enough.

You are better. You’re the best for yourself. So, give your best and strive for achieving perfection. However, before that, strive for originality and happiness. Everyone is different. We possess different strengths and flaws. You have to deal with it and be proud of what you’re good and what you can do for yourself.

#5. When you start giving the outer looks and status more important in your life

How to Avoid Mistakes in Life

You rejected the proposal of the man for being your life partner only because he doesn’t look like Tom Cruise, or he is merely an undergraduate and doesn’t belong to the hype created by engineering/ medical field!

Don’t think too much. But think about this- what is going to count and git you after 5 years of your marriage when your life transforms into a rough patch? Could it be his caring heart and sensible thoughts over the other external factors like he is handsome and workaholic?

#6. When you’re too afraid to get hurt

How to Avoid Mistakes in Life

You like someone a lot, but you’re not ready to tell them because you are afraid of its consequences.

You’re afraid that they might leave you on knowing the truth, and you’ll be left hurt. You need to get over that fear and step up. Confess courageously. Don’t leave anything for regret. Fail, but never regret.

If you’re making mistakes, it means you’re doing something! So there’s no need of feeling ashamed of the mistakes. Everybody makes them. You just need to be sure that you learn from your mistakes and should always be ready to start afresh! That’s how you grow.

Have you ever learned anything through your mistakes? If you did, please feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

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