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Top 6 Simple Tips to Avoid Pimples and Look Better Than Before

Fed Up of Pimples and Don’t Know How to Avoid Them? Here’s What You Have to Do.

Everyone wants a fresh, healthy and glowing skin completely free from pimples or zits. A clear skin makes you look not only beautiful but also feel confident. There are several reasons like stress, hormonal changes or unhealthy food habits and even dust which cause pimples. How to avoid pimples is one question everybody is trying to find an exact answer. Because there are so many ways available to avoid pimples that would hit you coincidentally on a very fine morning.

What to Do to Avoid Pimples in a Natural Way?

Read further so that you can now have a clear skin by inculcating these simple steps in your skin care regime.

#1. A Clean Face is a Healthy Face

How to avoid pimples

Cleansing, on priority, is the foremost step to avoid pimples and zits. Washing your face in the morning and when you come back home at the end of the day is imperative. It helps to keep the skin clean and fresh. It also removes the dust and oil which can later cause breakouts. When your pores are clean, your skin can breathe, which in turn results in no clogging or acne.

#2. Eat Healthily

How to avoid pimples

“You are what you eat”, this is true when it comes to having a healthy and clear skin. For a clear skin, you should follow a clear diet. Your diet should be free from oily and packed foods, excessively spicy food and fizzy drinks. Try to eat clean and accommodate a lot of detox juices and water in your diet which keep the skin acne and blemish free.

#3. Maintain the Skin Naturally Cool

How to avoid pimples

Since pimples are also caused because of excessive heat in the body, maintaining the skin naturally fresh is yet another solution to avoid pimples. The application of ice pack or natural Aloe Vera gel on your skin posts and the cleansing it provides can do wonders for getting rid of acne. Aloe Vera and ice: both keep the skin cool which decreases the chances of having pimples majorly. Besides these, one can also use chilled rose water and a natural clay face pack.

#4. Avoid Exfoliation

How to avoid pimples

If you think you are soon to get a pimple, or you already are having quite a few on your face, it’s best to avoid exfoliating the skin. A coarse textured scrub or scrubbing with the help of a loofah can cause your pimples to burst. It may further end up leaving permanent scars and get the zits to spread at multiple spots.

#5. Avoid Oily Skin Care Products

How to avoid pimples

To have clear skin, it’s important for the skin to be able to breathe. Avoid products like greasy moisturizers and oil based makeup if you know your skin is prone to acne. Since oily products clog the pores, and your skin can’t breathe which ends up causing pimples, irritation, etc.

#6. Do Not Touch the Skin Repeatedly

How to avoid pimples

Our hands are full of germs as they’re exposed to a lot of things with our all the time. Connecting these hands on our face is like transferring those germs and encouraging breakouts. Try to keep your hands thoroughly clean before treating your skin with them. Avoid touching the affected areas so that germs wouldn’t hit that area.

Mind sharing any tips on how to avoid pimples from your personal experience? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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