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Clutter & Dirt? How to clean your room fast

CLEAN ROOM! What exactly does this mean?
Does it mean just to make a way from door to bed and then some space to sleep on bed.

Well, if you believe in this equation, then I must tell you that please don’t go any further to read this. But, even you who think so might have those times when you are left with no money in your pocket and your mom has the best job which will get you the money in just a day, “cleaning your room”.

But, if you are someone who would like to DE-clutter your cubbyhole then do read on. This is going to be the most easiest way to do so.

I personally, can’t even sleep if the room happens to carry right things at wrong places. Perfection in everything demands a perfect atmosphere. And after all, who among you would not like to dwell in a place which gives peace of mind and soul!

Clean Room can work miracles in rejuvenating you even from the most creepiest day which you will have under the sun. So, how to begin. So, lets just start reassembling this jumbled world.

Untidy Room Clutter

The Beginning

This actually is the most difficult question which you face, when it comes to room cleanup. So first, you really need to boost some spirit. Why? So that the job you are beginning would not end half way. You need a lot of motivation for yourself to do this great job.

So, how about starting with your own bed? Isn’t it a great idea.
Now, I will give you reasons why it is a good idea. First, it is the smallest space to clean and second it can change the interface of the whole room.

All, you need to do is just rearrange all the stuff on bed. Fold the blankets and prepare your bed. Arrange all your pillows the most creative way and guess what? You are done cleaning up your bed.

Your Study Table

Okay, do you think that if piles of books lie on your table, you will become a genius? Dude, you might not even find anything, so arrange them properly.

Literature on one side, science on the other. Not on the table, but inside the shelf where you find the greatest probability of finding it.

The rule is very simple, Nothing on the table. Yes, you can sure keep your pen stand there and the idol you worship. Keep it simple. And of, course your water bottle can sure lie there too. And see, how easily you completed one more task (Ahhh).


When, it comes to cleaning your wardrobe, you might actually take a day and then also not finish doing so. So now, how to go about it? Well peeps, this is not that difficult as you think it to be. No fantasies please, I’m not going to give you a magic which will clean the room on it’s own.

But, this will help you a lot to clean it the more effective and easiest way. So, firstly just take out everything. Don’t throw them. The clothes which are already mended, let it be so (you might think that you will do it more properly, but trust me you will end up doing nothing). Now what?

Next step is keep them in one by one (of course you know this) but, do it like this. First keep in all jeans, then tops, then dresses and so on. This will help you keep things in a definite place.

Now what does this do, instead of taking one thing and thinking where to keep it, you now know what has to be kept where. So, it will work like this:

  • trousers, done
  • dresses done
  • toppers, done.

Your work of arranging your wardrobe is complete.

With this kind of arranging you can even avoid such a situation, “my room was clean but then I had to decide what to wear”. You very well know what is kept where. Try keeping the things you use the most on the top.

Cosmetics & Accessories

Well, we teens have a lot of these stuffs (don’t you), which might be lying all around the room. So, how to tackle this? First decide a specific place or rather I would say, allot them spaces.

Keep those things which you use more frequently in the reach of hand and shift others back. Here, show your creativity and arrange them dramatically. Now, what about your bangles, earnings, hair pins etc, etc.

Try having a specific box for each of these. Then all you need to think about is, arranging your boxes.

And hey, you are done! Now no need of searching the whole place for that ‘one hair pin.’

The Finishing Touch

Now, as we are done with the major things, see if something is left. And if you feel that anything could do your room more good, don’t stop, go ahead. Arrange those wall hangings and the curtains. Also that new shoppe which you just got and see how your room turns into your most desirable spot.

One, more thing peeps. Now, when you have kept all these things at proper places, do try to maintain the order. So, that never again you need to repeat this job. Let the effort be seen!

Now. isn’t it not soooo toilsome?
And remember, to dust and broom your room. It’s equally important to have, the ultimate ‘clean room.’
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Happy Cleaning folks!

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