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What To Do When Your Parents Fight All The Time?

They say, just because couples argue with each other every single day it does not mean that they stop loving each other. But when you catch sight of your parents fighting, I doubt if you can still say the same. Well, no relationship is perfect and what is a marriage without those arguments.

In fact, fighting over something is actually nice because it is when the couple realizes that their relationship is worth fighting for but if the tension between your parents is bothering you, then probably these fights have gone a little out the place.

After seeing your parents fight it’s common for any child to be sad. You might also find it difficult to concentrate in your studies, tend to lose your appetite and it starts really annoying you.

So how do you deal with these annoying situations?

Annoyed girl

This is you when your parents fight

  1. Never get involved

See, you have to understand that your parents are grown up adults and you might not actually understand the complex situation that they are in. It is always better to leave them alone and let them solve their differences.

Give them some time to think over. You can always console your parent but make sure that you don’t favor one and develop hatred towards the other, as I said earlier you are not really that mature to understand them.

  1. Don’t jump into conclusion

Once you see your parents fighting the first thing that would come to your mind would probably be;

“Do they really love each other?”

“Are they planning to divorce?”

“Do they really care about me?”

Don’t give any room for such thoughts as it will only make you more and more depressed. Let your parents make their decisions, try not to worry too much about the future of their relationship. They know what is best for them.

  1. Never peep in when they fight

Seeing your parents fight will only increase the bitterness of your sadness. They might use harsh words and pour all their anger on each other then so it would be better if you don’t get to witness such situations.

Stay in your room, take a walk outside or do anything that would distract you from their fight.

  1. Don’t blame yourself

You should never blame yourself for whatever is happening between them. If you have done something wrong and if that is the reason for their fight, all you can do is apologize whole heartedly and correct your mistakes but never blame yourself for the situation.

  1. Try talking to them

Talk to your parents and make them understand that their fights are starting to affect you. Many a time parents don’t realize that their actions are bothering their kids. You have to take the initiative and tell them about the condition.

  1. Tell them what you want

If you want your parents to patch up, you should speak to them. Tell them what you want. This does not mean that you have to cut them in between their fights and speak. It will never help. Find a suitable time and place to speak to them.

And don’t get depressed if they ignore your advice because you have to understand that they know their relationship better than anyone else and they know what is best for them. You should be happy that you have done all what you could do.

  1. Talk to an adult or a counselor

If you are not comfortable with talking to your parents you can talk to an elder, a counselor or a therapist. They will definitely be able to handle the situation better than you.

  1. Don’t compare

You might often see your friend’s parents and wonder why your parents aren’t like them. Never ever do that. All relationships are different and so are all individuals. Hence comparing your parents with others will not help.

  1. Never lose your belief in love

Most of the time, after seeing their parents quarrel, children end up losing their faith in love and marriage.  Just because of an unsuccessful marriage doesn’t mean that all relationship would have the same effect. You have to sometimes accept that your parents were just not meant to be.

  1. Don’t judge them

Never blame your parents or judge them for their broken relationship. May be they are helpless. As they say how much ever you try, you can never bring two like poles of a magnet together. May be your parents are also fed up trying.

Though there is not much that you can do about your parents’ falling relationship, you can always hope for the best and remain happy.

What do you think?

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