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Discover the Inner Genius to Find Your True Love in College

A Practical Guide on How to Find That Unique Girl in College

When we take admission in any college, we already have to set a mentality as to what will be our goals in college. Our first goal is to study, which turns out to be the least concerned aspect at the end of our college life. But the other plans include: making new friends, getting into the cultural society or NCC for free attendance, going for a movie while bunking lectures, etc.

Excuse me! Did I miss anything on the list?

Yes! The major one is to find the true connection. i.e. to find your love in college.

The first day when you enter the college campus, you look at the crowd, and before it can even start, you already have your glittering eyes on a random person. That is not gross; it is normal. When you have a partner by your side throughout the college life, it makes those days a lot more exciting than it can be.

Top 7 Working Tips to Find Your Love in College

The problem lies in how to find your someone from the college. Don’t worry. Here’s we’re introducing some simple ways to find that single person you have been seeking in the crowd.

#1. Look Good and Stay Confident

How to Find Your Love in College

It is very important for you to look good when you are going to college. Everybody is going to notice you. The moment you will enter through that gate, all eyes will be on you. So it is important to make sure that your first appearance is flawless.

Walk with confidence and do not try to act over-smart because that would create a wrong impression over others.

Dress up neatly and look around for that perfect match. If you are looking good, that person wouldn’t mind talking to you. Who knows if he/she hits with a sweet smile and start with the conversation?

#2. Showcase Your Talent

How to Find Your Love in College

This is one of the best ways to find love in college. If you are talented, let others see that too. They are going to come back to you and appreciate your talent. Everyone is crazy after those talented sprees in college.

If you play the guitar, chances are high for that someone to feel more attracted towards you. No matter whether it’s a boy/girl, everybody loves people who play musical instruments.

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If you are a dancer, the time your admirer viewed you dancing would be the last time you were dancing without him/her. You may have to pass over your skills, too, over to them.

All these qualities make it easier for you to find love in college. People who’re talented at any kind of art always have an upper hand when it is about finding love.

#3. Be Natural

How to Find Your Love in College

It’s nice to dress up nicely. But it does not mean that you start wearing suits/ blazers as it is in a courtroom.

Just be natural. Wear casual clothes. Keep in mind that it suits you. If you try to fake it, you are never going to get along with anybody.

Keep your conversations short, do not speak unnecessarily.

Be yourself. There are better chances that you will find someone who will admire this attitude. Thus, you will be able to find someone in college who loves your real self. I mean, who doesn’t?

#4. Compliments Are Always Welcome

How to Find Your Love in College

It feels great when you receive a compliment from someone. And there is no harm in complimenting someone who deserves it.

Let us suppose, there is this girl in your college who is extremely beautiful, and you have always admired her beauty. Do not just keep it to yourself. Share your thoughts with her. It won’t harm you and what if she admired you as well but was just afraid to make the first move.

Compliments should be nice and simple. Do not give vague or lengthy compliments. You will either be talking to yourself or others would be laughing at you. Complimenting someone you like can actually lead to the beginning of your love story in college.

#5. Stay Attentive

How to Find Your Love in College

Staying attentive doesn’t mean that it should be a habit you have to keep when you are in class. It’s like to be wise and more vigilant towards whatever is happening in your college.

If you are aware of everything that is happening in your college, people will come up to you and will express their issues. That may include your lover too.

Everybody in college always admires attentive people. Keep your eyes and ears open all the time. That someone you will help would probably like your attentiveness, and that can be your way to find your love in college.

#6. Connect With People

How to Find Your Love in College

It is imperative to connect with people in your college. If you have only minor connections in your college, there are low possibilities that you will be admired by anyone.

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When you connect with new people, you get to learn a lot, and those connections stay with you post your college life. Everybody highly admires friendly people in college, and they try to associate with them. That friendly and kind attitude towards other people can help you in finding love in college. In fact, it will bring your love closer to you.

#7. Smile

How to Find Your Love in College

This is your best feature to attract other people towards you. But it has to be straightforward and natural. No need to show your entire gums to other people. If you have a smiling face, people are going to think that you are confident and kind.

A cheerful person is always better than any other person. Your smile deciphers your personality. Imagine someone coming to you, just to tell you that you have a beautiful smile. Rest depends on how you treat the other person. Subtly a smile can find you love in college. So always wear a smile on your face.

Those are a few major points that you need to keep in mind if you want to find love in college. Rather than just peeking from a distance, follow these simple rules and you will find success for sure.

College life is unforgettable. Make it even more memorable by finding love in your college. As much time as you will get to spend with each other, get the most out of it. Rest future will decide.

How was your experience with that someone in your college days? Share your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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