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Top 4 Ways on How to Forget Someone You Love After a Breakup

How to Get Over Someone After Hitting the Stop Button to Your Relationship Status?

Unfortunately, something’s does not work out that way you want it to be, especially relationships and you discover yourself yet again, crying on the floor at 3am and wondering how you would be able to get over someone you are still in love with.

Follow These Tips to Forget That Someone in Your Mind

Holding on to your old relationship isn’t a healthy habit and it is unwise to do so. Here’s how you can try to forget and get over someone you love.

#1. Do Not Bottle up Your Emotions

How to Forget Someone You Love

In the cunning spells of a breakup, the only person you would be trying hard to convince would be yourself. However, it’s not that easy and doesn’t work that way, I know. Most of the times, breakups are horrible – there’s no two way about it, so do not pretend that yours wasn’t.

Trying to keep the whole lot inside is a short term solution and doesn’t work as the time progresses.

Do not be afraid to let out all the emotions buried inside – just cry if you want to. It is even okay to scream. Crying uncontrollably is a rite of passage during a breakup. It doesn’t make you fragile, it makes you being alive and helps you to release your emotions buried deep inside your heart.

#2. Do Not Torture Yourself

How to Forget Someone You Love

In the majority of messy break-ups, you often feel like you will never actually know what happened.

Even if your ex-partner tells you the exact reason for the collapse in your relationship, you’ll still be wondering, “Did this really happen with me?”

Yes, it is indeed very hard to admit the truth of the state of affairs, but at this stage, the worst you can do to yourself is to constantly think about why all of this happened.

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Do not fantasize about an alternative scenario in your head of what you could have done to make it work. Perhaps, the best alternative is to accept that everything has come to an end, and move on.

Hit upon something else to focus your time and energy; maybe reconnecting with friends, or trying to meet new people.

Try to make yourself more productive, this will help you to heal completely.

#3. Be Cut-Throat When It Comes to Contact

How to Forget Someone You Love

Sometimes, hard-hitting love is the only way to move forward, even if it is with you. Living with the odds and ends of your broken relationship is only going to summon up unwanted memories, no matter whether they’re good or bad. Try to cut them off from your life.

This can be a temporary or permanent fixture, but take away all the reminders of your ex from your workspace and home. Constant prompt of your relationship will keep you present in one headspace.

#4. Rediscover the Best Parts of Being Single

How to Forget Someone You Love

So, you are ready to get over your break up.

Great! Now, you have to embrace your single side.

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It’s time to take off your tracksuit bottom and slippers and put on something a bit more ostentatious.

Get yourself back out there! Dressing up and going out with your friends will not only make you feel well again, but it also helps you to be in the right place at the right time to meet somebody new.

Ever witnessed the sad realities of a breakup? How long did it take for you to recover from him/her? Feel free to express your views in the comments section below.

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