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How To Get An Internship Easily Like A Champion

You are looking for an internship, but are you doing it the right way? Learn what all you need to intern at a place, you wish to.

Your GPA is not the only thing that will land you up for a “job of your dreams”. It demands much more. It is far above those heaps of books lying on your table and the countless nights spent awake for the semester exams.

As said, experience matters buddy!
Internship, is not only a hurdle for your college grades which requires a compulsory 1 month of training on the fields but an opening to the clear path for your head trip to turn into reality.

So, what is it that will take you through this interview for internship or what is the thing that will make your CV stand out from the pile of CV’s? Here you go:

The Takeoff

The starting time matters a lot. The more early you start the better. I mean your search for a place for internship and your application for the same. For a summer internship your CV’s should have reached the concerned offices before February (so early).

Now you would ask, ‘why so early?’. Well, we all know that summers are the time when most of the colleges are closed and also those are the longest breaks you get. So, if you wait that you will apply once free from your college, then be sure to get a reply from the office that, ‘we have already recruited interns.’

It’s better that we commence before anyone else as, it will clear 1 step or the most common hurdle in your way to get an internship, that is late applications. Why be late?

The Foundation

There might have been many teachers or people who have given you this advice, ‘If the foundation is weak, the house might collapse.’ This is true at every stage of your life, even to crack an interview. You need to have very strong basic (the corner-stone is the most important one).

What are these basics? When you want to get into a particular company or firm, you should do research and know that place in a better way. Oh, yes I know you would say, that’s common sense but then, I wasn’t referring to the last-minute study on the company site or Wikipedia which you do before going for the interview.

Oh yes you

Oh yes you

You need to have deep research and not those 20 minutes one. That’s the reason I told you to start early! As, if you start early, you will have a lot of time to know and understand their working which is going to be like the chocolate syrup over that vanilla ice-cream.

Why You?

Once you got shortlisted for the interview then, you need to give them a reason as to why you. What’s that thing that, separates you others! You need to give them a reason as to why they should give you this chance. What is it that will help their company to take positive turns with your involvement.

So, boy/girl you have to work extra. Besides your classroom projects, you need to have your own achievements, your own stock of credentials. You should have an answer to the question, ‘what takes you to one side?’ Why are you their best choice, why are you so good that they can’t ignore you!

Build for yourself something, which will take you to this position. Something which makes you the lone wolf here. As small as your contribution may be, do not forget to mention it. It makes a big difference!


Networks as essential on your mobile phones are essential here. Network gets you through. As the proverb goes, ” If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go with others.” It might be that one person whom you have never contacted but happens to be your distant relative and can get you this job. Don’t just lose this opportunity, grab it!


Networking matters

It really doesn’t matter what he thinks. Utilize all the available networks. If you want to get there, it’s never bad to ask someone who has already been there. It can only be your wisest decision. If somebody is ready to push you ahead, why not shake hands with them.

Common you are getting what you always wanted with just one request!


More than the online contact, you need to have personal contact or “contact with the human being.”  The more you follow your passion, the more successful you will be in your field. And in this process your mentor has a great role to play.

Your mentor has to be someone who is your senior and has knowledge about your work. It can be your manager or any other senior employee with whom you could build a connection and someone who can help you get more exposure and make your work experience a success.

The More The Better

It’s always better to do more than one internship, as it is not about grades but experience.You need to have specific goals for each internship. Have a professional attitude and expect the same from others.
It is not always about money because internships are generally unpaid. But how is it bad when, it is just carving the way for a job with less work and more payment!

You are way better than others is what you need to be convinced of! Believe in yourself.

What do you think?

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