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How to Impress a Girl (Your Crush) in College in less than 7 days?

Women are difficult to understand and approach for men. They’re kind of mysterious creatures, though once a woman starts noticing a man, it’s not as difficult to talk to her, however, you have to be the best around to win her heart completely.

Here are the 6 romantic ways that you can follow to impress your ‘special one’ in college.

#1. Be subtle and very decent in your approach

How to Impress a Girl in College

The most important thing when you try to expand your presence around a woman or a group of women is how you approach them. It’s impossible to impress them without showing the gentleman in you!

A good distance should be maintained while you speak to her; you shouldn’t be very loud and rowdy. Also, try your hand at making an eye contact with her so that you would have a fair idea of whether she is comfortable and open to talk to you that time or not.

#2. Make the opportunity for yourself

How to Impress a Girl in College

Women are blessed with the sixth sense and will obviously start noticing that you’ve been around them. But now it’s for you to take it to the next level.

Don’t always be seen within ‘the gang’! Make sure she notices you’re sitting alone and try to cross her path indirectly many times so she can’t help but notice you and you become a familiar face.

#3. Stand your ground

How to Impress a Girl in College

If you do get the chance to chat with her or to be around her, try to NOT compliment her. Avoid desperate attempts of any manner.

Try to keep the discussion about your thinking and ideology so she that can understand the kind of person you are and things that could create a positive impact on her. Being marginally self-stubborn and energetic for the most part inspires ladies, a lot.

#4. Don’t give her the wrong hints

How to Impress a Girl in College

If you’re using your cell phone continuously, chances are very high that the girl you wish to impress may acquire wrong hints for no reason from your end. Because girls judge you by the way you interact with them. If she feels that you’re busy spending time for someone else, they would not only care much about you, but it would let them think of you as a person who’s already in a relationship. So avoid using the phone excessively.

#5. Begin with the basics

How to Impress a Girl in College

Get your basics right while speaking to her. All of a sudden you can’t expect her to be very comfortable with you or to talk a lot and vice versa.

Wait for the moments to happen. Your first-time conversations should begin with usual hello, what’s up etc. Slowly and steadily pace up the things to point at your right target.

#6. Have some common connections

How to Impress a Girl in College

To speed up the talks and get in touch regularly, it’s important to have some common links in between you and your someone. Common friends would do the job here.

This way you’d have something to talk about initially and can help you bond up with her in a better way.

Besides all these points, never lose your sturdy personality and attitude on others as well as with her.

Try to build up fun moments for her and make her feel special not by materialistic things but by the ways of knowing and understanding more about her.

How was your experience with the  proposal of that someone in college? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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