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10 Tricks To Hack Into People’s Mind & Influence Them

Shout out to all the lazy people out there. Do you want to get things done without having to get out of bed? Do you want to make absolutely no social effort and still have people like you? Or did you ever want to get things done without doing them yourself? You don’t have to be Professor X to do that.Just follow these tips below and you’ll see how it’s done.

#1: Flattery

One of the oldest tricks in the book – flattery. It works wonders. When you genuinely flatter someone, they feel obliged to comply with a favor sought by you. Be careful, however, because with every trick comes a sticky rule.


Just do it even if you don’t want to

Sincerely (emphasizing the sincerity) flattering someone with high self esteem may work well and you may be able to cajole and get them to like you. On the contrary, flattering someone with low self-esteem may go terribly wrong and they might like you less because it messes with the set perception they have about themselves.

You wouldn’t want to kick someone when they’re down, so watch out for crumbling egos that can get in the way of your laziness.

#2: Door-In-The-Face

This technique is as effective as it sounds absurd. In this method, you approach your target with a favor that is likely to be rejected (ask for a unicorn). When they reject this favor, come back later with another request you actually wanted in the first place (a 100 bucks).

This favor can doubtlessly be fulfilled. In short, go big, get rejected. Go small, get selected.

#3: Foot-In-The-Door

Again, sounds strange but it is just as effective. This is the opposite of door-in-the-face.

Here, you start by making a small request. A day or two later, make a slightly bigger request and the task will be happily (or sadly, as is more likely) carried out for you. This is likely to occur because once the person is committed to helping you, the probability of them helping you for a larger request is higher.

#4: Remember & Leverage The Names & Details

Remember & Recall

Remember & Recall

One of the best ways to get people to like you is by remembering their names and the things that they say. Recalling a person’s name and something they said in a previous conversation creates a positive impact on the person which in turn makes you instantly likable.

Listen to what they’re saying, paraphrase it and ask them questions to indicate that you’ve understood. This creates a healthy relationship among the two individuals. And with great friendship comes an incessant need to give and receive.

This technique is widely used by therapists. The only difference is they get paid and you don’t.

#5: Pleasing 101 (no, not what you’re thinking!)

This is similar to flattering, but takes a slightly different route. Here, you can please a person by complimenting them or by doing them a favor. In exchange they will feel the need to reciprocate this favor in some way or the other.

#6: Favor-ite

This method is applicable to every hate-able person in the world. If you feel that someone doesn’t like you, get him or her to do a favor for you.

For example, borrow one of their belongings and when you return it to them be gracious about it and thank them profusely. This way they will have found a plausible reason to think that you’re a person worth doing the favor for.

Tadaa! You will finally get someone to like you and you become their favorite person.

#7: Agree & Nod

When someone is talking, occasionally nod your head and look attentive. This is to send out a message that you’re truly interested.

Agree & Nod

Just nod

It is of paramount importance to you to not doze off while they’re talking. Nodding while talking is crucial especially when you have a favor to ask. So, make sure you nod enough to get your work done.


#8: Ape-reciate

In the psychology world, it is known as mirroring. Many people, intentionally or unintentionally mimic people to effectively mingle in a social environment. They tend of copy the way other people talk, walk and behave.

So, when you “ape” someone’s behavior, it is possible that the person being mimicked or mirrored may appear to be pleasant and genial. Studies have shown that the person being mimicked is likely to be favorable towards the mimic.

The reason why this method is effective is because the person being mirrored feels appreciated and is more self-assured and positive.

#9: Too Tired For Favors

Tired people are more open to accepting favors. When tired, one is drained of physical and mental energy. So, they’re more vulnerable to agreeing to anything, be it a statement or a request.

Hence, a tired person is likely to give an indefinite response such as “I’ll do it tomorrow” to whatever you say, but he/she WILL end up doing the favor because you will make sure they keep their word.

#10: Be Not Afraid

Never be afraid to ask for a favor. The problem with most people is that they are afraid of approaching another person to start a conversation or ask for a favor. Pull up the courage and make an attempt to talk.

If you think they’re talking in an agreeable manner, then continue the conversation. If not, it’s your cue to back the hell out.

Over to you:

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Good luck!

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