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Wanna Lose Weight Fast?

Are you that person who always keeps on counting the number of calories you intake? Well, then let me tell you, it’s not just the game of calories. It is a big game out there and losing your weight even a pound is not an easy job.

There is no magic wand which can turn you into a Cinderella or the Prince Charming giving, that perfect figure to your body. Rather than just sitting and thinking, ‘Only if I could have lost some weight’ get started. Motivation will get you started and once this becomes a Habit you will keep on going.

Okay, so if I say there is no easy way to lose weight then, why this article, right? Well, these are some ways which will help you in your journey to get that ideal figure. Now, you need to accept the fact that your body is NOT YOUR ENEMY, so you don’t have to conquer it. DON’T HARM IT! You deserve to be strong and healthy.

So, How to Lose Weight?

Now these will be some ways which will help you in your way.

Fat to Slim

Have A Proper Diet. (You better)

Please don’t believe that fasting would make you lose your pounds faster. Yes, it does fasten a process; process of booking a bed for you in the hospital and not help you in any way shedding those extra pounds.
You should take care that you take a proper diet. DO NOT OVEREAT! A proper diet doesn’t mean that you have to eat a lot, it means your body should get all the nutrients which is needed by it to perform all it’s duty. It should contain fats, proteins, carbohydrates, energy and even calories in right amount. As we know excess of everything is bad, so is with the food.

Don’t look at that friend of yours who can eat any amount and still doesn’t gain even a kilo, being jealous is not good ;).
You need to understand and love your body, you have to know what it needs and what it doesn’t. After all it is your body baby.

Dude, Avoid Junk Food.

Oh, yes I know this is the most difficult task for all the food lovers but as you know, “To gain something you have to lose something”. Eating junk food 10 times a week and wishing to get that perfect figure all at once might not be an available option.
Just cut on the amount slowly and gradually and make it not more than once a week. Now don’t fool yourself saying you are eating healthy from outside, there is nothing as healthy as the food prepared at home.
It might be very tempting to eat that burger or something from the vendor on the way but hey stop, you need to resist that temptation! Because overtime this will negatively impact your weight and energy levels.

Heard about the Daily Dozen?

One of the best ways to keep a check on your body is to workout. Daily workouts can keep you fit and fine. Join gym or keep a personal trainer, this will beneficially help you to lose weight and even maintain it.
Don’t worry if you can’t do this, physically exert your body like jogging, walking or even dancing (now isn’t this easy you can dance doing anything cooking, washing and even bathing).
Such physical training and exertions by your body will burn out a lot of calories which are essential weight gaining factors. Take out just half an hour daily and see the difference. I’m sure you can do this for yourself.

What about Water?

For anything, water is essential for survival. Same goes for your body, it has to be hydrated. Often water is neglected to avoid the water weight and the swollen feeling. You need to be hydrated for performance of all functions of the body, even burning of fats and calories. Without adequate amount of water body will not be able to operate as 75% of body needs water.
Skipping on water will only make you skip to diseases. You need to have at least 8 glasses of fresh water without any added ingredients.  Don’t go for energy drinks or think it cannot substitute the natural fresh water.

You can have these through your meals but water has to taken separately and in ample amount.
The water increases the metabolism, flushes out toxins, helps in digestion and even gets you a healthier skin besides aiding in the weight loss. Then you will not lose your weight but get rid of it.

Chew Gums like a Cow.

Cow Chewing Gum
Well your stomach sometimes gets bored and not really hungry so, that time only your brain can come to your rescue. Your brains tricks your stomach to think it is getting more than it actually is (isn’t this crazy).
Now this gum curbs the need of the stomach to have some snacks and something as unhealthy. It’s flavor reduces  the appetite. Also the flow of saliva has certain enzymes which helps in breaking of starch and  fats.
All you need is a sugar-free gum and start chewing whenever your stomach gets bored.

Chocolate? Yes please!

No, I’m not telling you to stop eating chocolates but rather to eat it. Yes eat chocolates! You might have heard it is an antidepressant which is extremely useful when you start to gain weight. So now you have all right over this but yes you can’t have all chocolates only “Dark Chocolates”.
It will help your cravings, say thanks to its insulin resistance lowering flavors. Healthy fats help in slow absorption of sugar in the blood stream.
Chocolate should consist of 70% of cocoa or else milk and sugar levels will be high which will have a negative affect. You can have a small piece of this after every meal.

Natural Medicine? Yup!

Now, if you have patiently read till here, you owe the right to know about something which will fasten the process of you shedding pounds. All you need to have is a little amount of:
1.Lukewarm water
Mix the contents and drink everyday early morning in empty stomach. This will for sure increase your metabolism and you will get more better results in less time if followed with the above instructions.

Remember that:

Sleep is essential for you to maintain your body structure. Even leading a stress free life helps you not to gain those extra kilos. Compromising with your sleep or leading a stressful life makes your body function improperly thus making you overweight.

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These steps are for sure not easy but worth repeating everyday cause what you do everyday matters more.

In the end I would like to say what Steve Maraboli quoted, ” By choosing healthy over skinny you are choosing self-love over self-judgement.”
You are damn beautiful don’t judge yourself!

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