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How to Make Strangers Like You Within a Fraction of a Second?

Are You an Introvert? Don’t Know How to Make Strangers like You?

The natural phenomenon of life is meeting new people. Every day we run across many new faces, but it is hard to make contact with each and every single person among them. If you’re an introvert, you would actually understand the significance of what I have been trying to convey.

You might have passed through the times when we are keen to talk to the other person, but our conscience doesn’t allow us to make the first move.

Don’t worry; don’t be sceptical either. It happens with everyone. Not just you or I. However, this kind of natural behaviours can be easily controlled by following certain gestures that can benefit you to make strangers like you. Here I’m sharing some quick tips on how you could easily make this workout.

Top 6 Practical Tips on Making Strangers Like You

#1. Smile Confidently

How to Make Strangers Like You

Your smile is the most powerful charm that you possess. So just smile confidently when you do it. Don’t be hesitant to smile.

If you maintain the positive smile on your face, it will precisely reflect that you are a positive person, and more people will be comfortable talking to you.

Imagine, you are in a crowded place where people often come to you for directions or any help. They would seek help from a person who owns a positive outlook. Only then they will come and connect with you.

The most genuine gesture of positivity is a smile on your face. If you smile with confidence, you can attract strangers towards you. Because connecting with people does matter in many ways in one’s life. It certainly brings in positive impacts to your life, too.

#2. Your Eyes Deciphers the Reality

How to Make Strangers Like You

Eyes are considered to be the most powerful sensory organ in a human body. It let us view the reality and allow us to feel being real.

Break the spells of introversion in you.

You can win other person’s confidence right through your eyes. Just make sure that you’re keeping the right mannerism while looking and communicating with them. Because it may lead to a conflict if the gesture is not positive.

Just like you think you can read anybody’s intentions with those eyes, they have that power too. You were not born with some supernatural powers. So if you share an eye contact with a stranger and then you share it again, there is strong possibility that the other person is interested in a conversation.

Ensure that you’re not in a rush; keep it low and straightforward. Look into the eyes of the other person with the exact confidence. However, keep this in mind, too, that if the other person looks disinterested when you try to interact through eyes with conversations on the front end, back off my friend .

#3. Greet them with a ‘Hello’

How to Make Strangers Like You

The most usual manner to greet a person is humbly saying Hello. Do not make it sound sarcastic or nasty because that is when you are making a mistake. This, in turn, will make the other person disinterested in talking to you, too. Make everything simple and polite– it is the beginning of every conversation.

Be confident!

Before you go and greet a stranger, try to analyze the person. If they look aggressive, that is not the right time to lead a conversation with them. There is nothing wrong in greeting a person with a hello. Even if they are not interested, it doesn’t make a difference. Just be nice and polite with them, you may never know if the person was waiting for you to come and convey the same.

#4. Keep Calm and Don’t Be Nervous

How to Make Strangers Like You

The most common reason that the other person may lose interest in you is because you look nervous through your own body language.

Do not make it a big deal, just stay normal and remain confident.

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Do not get too anxious, or too nervous.

If you look confident and your body language looks perfect, there is no way that the other person is not interested in you. A remarkable body language will definitely attract strangers towards you. But in order to make it appear good, do not push yourself so much that you start looking like a wannabe. Play your cards well and it will yield you positive results.

#5. Try to be Selfless

How to Make Strangers Like You

When you start a conversation with a stranger, there are few important things that you should take care. Do not just talk about yourself? Ask more questions to the other person and make sure that you do not sound sceptical. They would always like to answer your questions, and it will make them feel important. It is nice to be selfless at times.

Even though you really enjoy talking about yourself, just remember a listener is someone who listens to you keenly or lazily than anybody else. Imagine that person only looks beautiful but once you ask them a few questions or when they tell you more about themselves, it turns out to be different.

It would certainly serve you additional benefits as well. Just show your respect and let them talk and do not pretend to enjoy their conversation; just analyze the person when they are talking or just enjoy the conversation.

#6. Be Open- minded

How to Make Strangers Like You

Let your thoughts come into foreplay. Do not hide them behind the bush.

When you talk to a stranger, they would want you to be natural.

Do not go for sluggish talks around them–like conveying bogus stories about your possessions and your achievements. Just be yourself. Let them know what you want. Share your thoughts with them. Tell them how you felt when you first saw them. Hopefully, your comment won’t humiliate them.

When you are real with the other person, they feel better with you. They will connect with you very well. If they are pretty, do not just keep it to yourself. Tell them that they are pretty. They deserve to know it from a person like you.

It isn’t difficult at all to make strangers like you. Just follow these simple rules and you will be admired by a lot of people. Keep it simple and just follow your heart. Don’t play with your mind, at least not during your first encounter with a stranger. They would like to see the real side of you, so just be confident. Walk up to them with confidence and do not hesitate for a moment.

People highly admire genuine people. So there is no point in hiding it and when you like someone, there is no way that you will just let it go because you are shy. Let others explore the goodness in you.

Read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People to know a few more tips on the same topic.

Do you mind sharing any tips on how to make strangers like you? Shoot them up in the comments section below.

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