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Top 8 Working Ideas on How to Propose to a Girl for the First Time

Proposing to a Girl for the First Time: How to Do it?

Every girl dreams of that perfect proposal from her partner. Every girl waits for the day when her partner asks for that single question. But what is the right way to propose your girl?

Most guys lack in creativity and romance factor when the right proposal time arrives to propose girls. Girls are no longer fond of that ordinary rundown when the guy gets down on his knees with a red rose in his hands and propose. This is a timeworn way of proposing.

Times are changing and so is the definition of love and proposal. Every girl wants something special. Every girl wants her man to do something different from rest of the guys. They want their dates to be extra romantic and the proposal from their men to be extra special.

Given below are some unique ideas for a proposal. Try these out and win your lady.

#1. Be yourself

How to Propose a Girl for the First Time

The very first rule which you need to follow when you’re proposing your girl is to be yourself. That’s right. Make sure you don’t overdo anything in the proposal. It’s always advisable that you keep things simple and extraordinary with a little sweetness in it.

Guys, if you’re proposing your girl for the marriage, all you need to do is to just listen to your heart and hers. Be yourself, yet be creative. That is the key. Say those three words to her, which she has dreamed all throughout her life, in your special way.

#2. Candle lit dinner

How to Propose a Girl for the First Time

What can be classier than proposing your girl on a dinner date? What makes this romantic evening even more special are the candles. The dim candle light and the burning flames of the candles set the ideal setting for a proposal. It can’t get any more romantic, trust me.

If you’re a good cook, you can be the chef for that one day for your lady and prepare her favourite meal.

Turn off the lights and lighten up the candles to set the aura. Play her favourite romantic songs or your songs, the songs which have been there for creating your memories with her. Go on and be her lobster.

The glowing candle lights will themselves set the romantic mood and a perfect proposal scene. It will set the romantic mood.

#3. Propose her on the place where you both met for the first time

How to Propose a Girl for the First Time

You can take your girl to the place where both of you met each other. Go on recreating the same moment and propose to her. It is sure as hell going to move her and get adorned on her memory throughout her life. It is one of the most romantic ways of a proposal.

#4. Propose her on one of the special days

How to Propose a Girl for the First Time

What way can be better to propose your soul partner on the special day of Christmas day, Valentine’s Day, Eid Day, Diwali day or Holi day?

Yeah, it may seem to be a little corny, but it is very romantic. Most of the guys go for proposing their girls on ‘Valentine’s Day’ as this is meant to be the most romantic day of the year. However, if you want to make your proposal even more special, propose her on any other casual day.

Choose a day which holds a special meaning for both of you, like her birthday, your friendship anniversary, the day you went on your first date with her etc. It is no secret that girls remember all the dates and hence, she will surely appreciate your efforts and would love you even more for remembering that special day.

A marriage proposal is more than a commitment between two souls who are passionately and deeply in love with each other.

#5. Proposing in a movie interval

How to Propose a Girl for the First Time

It is the easiest and the most romantic way to propose your partner. This is one of the tried and tested methods of proposing, and it works!

What you can do is edit and assemble a beautiful short movie which pops us that question for you to her on the big screen at the time of interval. It is going to be a huge surprise for hr and leave her awestruck. Her expression will be a scene to watch!

#6. Proposing by t-shirt

How to Propose a Girl for the First Time

Yes, you read it right.

Here’s how you do it. You wear a t-shirt which says, “Do you love me?” or “Will you marry me?” and just cover it up by wearing a jacket over it.

Take her to some beautiful place or a nearby park where you general meet her, get down on your knees and remove your jacket. Reveal out your pure emotions through that one unique tee.

#7. On the Picnic

How to Propose a Girl for the First Time

This is one of the simplest and yet the most romantic way of proposing the girl you’re in love with. Imagine this. You bring a chocolate covered strawberry to the picnic to which is stuck your engagement ring!

Go to a beautiful plan for the picnic- beautiful scenery, valleys and green hills and your girl lying on your chest. You know what is yet missing in the scene? A bucket of chilled champagne and chocolates covered with strawberry! This can’t get any more romantic! You can stick the ring with the wrapper of the chocolate and cover it with the strawberry to propose your girl for marriage. What can make this picnic even more romantic is when you sing a beautiful song to her.

#8. Radio Proposal

How to Propose a Girl for the First Time

Girls dug brave guys. Every girl wants someone to be so gutsy to be able to propose her in front of thousands of people. You can propose her through the radio. People listen to radio, and your girl is surely going to love your bravery.

If you are aware of the time of the day when she listens to the radio, making a song dedication is going to win her heart. Call the local radio station, or a particular channel, which you know she loves listening regularly. Now think of the things you’re going to say on the radio and make the moment memorable for both of you!

Have you ever followed any special way to propose your girlfriend? If you did, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

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