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How to Read a Book Within 6 Hours?

Finding Difficulty in Reading and Completing a Book? Here’s How You Can Do It Effortlessly within a Couple of Hours.

To read a complete book in a couple of hours or a day– it sounds like a tough challenge for many, but in reality, it is easy if you focus on the completion of this task. Yes! Just as simple as that.It is important to read every day. Reading not only helps you in learning, but it also gives an insight

We all know the significance of reading; it is important to read every day and let our brain works through the creative art.

Reading not only helps you in learning but also injects explicit insights into your thoughts.

A few among the benefits of reading includes– it helps in attaining peace and improves your vocabulary; it also helps you in gaining knowledge and makes you more resolute.

Now, the next query that may hit your mind would be: how is it possible to read a book within 6 hours?

It’s possible. Read further to know how I made this happen.

How to Read a Book in Less than 6 Hours, or a Day?

Reading a book in a day is easy. You need to follow certain steps, and it will become a routine for you.

#1. Do Not Get Distracted

How to Read a Book in a Day

It is imperative to avoid any distraction while reading a book. To read a book in a few hours, it’s certain that you must have to do the task faster. And that can happen only when you are focused on the content.

Read at least 250 words per minute. A minor disturbance can cause the distraction, which in turn leads to your inability to read the book.

There can be many distractions while you are trying to concentrate. For example:-

  • Your mobile phone starts ringing, or a message pops up. Your mind will get distracted, and your focus will shift from the book towards your mobile phone.
  • When you are in a noisy environment, it is hard for you to concentrate on a given task or an assignment. Similarly, if the surroundings are noisy, you will not be able to read the book.
  • Someone from the family interrupts you and your focus shifts from the book to the conversation with your family member.

It is hard to redevelop your interest while you are doing a task. Similarly, while reading if any of these distractions interferes you, it will lose your interest in the book and focus on the other subject.

To avoid these distractions, switch off your mobile phone or put it on silent mode before you start reading.

Make sure that you are reading in a peaceful environment; if you are at home, and there is the continuous noise of striking of utensils, it is not the right place to read.

Tell your family members before you start reading, that you don’t want any interference. Let them know what you’re doing. But do not shift your focus because it is only possible if you are reading a book with interest.

#2. Make It a Habit

How to Read a Book in a Day

If you have a habit of maintaining a to-do list, add regularly reading extracts into your notes. Initially, it can be difficult, but if you follow it every day, it will eventually become a part of your routine.

Reading 250 words per minute is not easy. You could achieve this only by practicing it for a week or so. To do this, you should have to make sure that you are spending at least a few hours every day on reading. As you start being a regular reader, you will gain more speed in reading in the upcoming days. A time will come when you can easily read 1000 words per minute. But that would happen only if you read regularly.

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If you are a sports enthusiast, you will always look for the sports column in a newspaper. You like reading it because you follow sports. You must have maintained a habit of following it regularly, and that is why you are such an enthusiast. Similarly, if you will make a habit of reading, you will develop an interest in it and able to read words at a better speed.

Make sure that you are following the right routine and reading should be an important part of your routine. It does not matter how important other things are, but it should not disturb your reading schedule. Do it for a few days; you will turn into a reading enthusiast. In fact tell your family members to follow the same schedule, so that all of you can read in a peaceful environment. It will be beneficial for you.

#3. Make Notes While Reading

How to Read a Book in a Day

You must be thinking that it is not possible to write while you read. It is possible, and it is easy. While you are reading a book, do not talk and just make notes. It will help you in remembering the content.

When you try to read faster, it becomes difficult to grasp everything. So to avoid that, make necessary notes when you are reading the book. It would serve you with various advantages:

  • You will be more focused

While you read and write at the same time, chances are very high that you will be focused throughout the time while you are reading.

  • It enhances your vocabulary

If you develop the habit of making notes while reading, you will not miss those elegant- fresh words hovering over you. Even if you forget it later, there is always an option that you can always look back into your notes.

  • It improves your calligraphy

When you make notes, make sure that you are not using a gadget. Instead, use a notebook or a diary. It helps in improving your calligraphy skills apart from the focusing nature.

Just make sure that you are making handwritten notes while reading like I have aforementioned. Because when you ought to feel more knowledgeable, learning has no limit to break your senses.

It is not difficult to read a book if you keep all those points in your mind.

The quality of an individual can only be judged from his thoughts, and your thoughts will enhance only when you will read more.

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You can learn facts; you can learn new words, and you can become more confident. All you need to do is to read a book every day.

There are some tools available online like Spreeder. You can use it as well. All you need to do is just paste the content of your book and focus on the screen. You will be able to read words at a better speed. Also, you could try Amazon Kindle if you’re not finding hardcopy interesting to read.

But the most natural key to read a book every day is you. It is possible only if you are taking an interest in it. Otherwise, you will not be able to read a book in a day.

To known in detail regarding the importance of reading in one’s life, watch this TedX talk by Tai Lopez:

Do you have any additional tips on how to read a book quickly and grasp the contents in it? Please feel share your tips in the comments section below.

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