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Wanna Fall Asleep Like A Log Easily In No Time?

After the most fun-filled tiring day, you are on your way back home. “I’ll just go and sleep” is all that is in your mind. You reach home, fall on bed, hug your pillow and are off to sleep!

But, BOOM! where did the sleepy feeling just run away?

It’s 12 am, then 1 and 2 but no sign of it coming back. All you are doing is staring at your cellphone every half hour.

Bad thing, this sleepless night gives a lot of exercise to the brain when it actually wants to have some time off. Gone are the days when mom used to make us sleep forcefully and we hated it.

“Sleep, I love you so much, please come back to me!”

Whatever you say, or whatever you do it has its own ways to tell you that babe, whatever you wanted when you were young is given to you now (damn!).

Of course, don’t count those times in when, you are studying for your exams and sleep just haunts you every single minute. They are the exceptional cases.

What actually happens is you go on a “Night Shift”, where you spend your night awakened and then sleep the day off when you are actually required to work. This then makes your system (the body) to perform in this way forever.

I know, you don’t want this, you badly want to grab your sleep and hug it so tightly so that it can never escape you (heaven). So now, I will tell what actually I did and guess what? It worked for me!

Lets go step by step.

Diet, you ought to take care of it baby!

What you had, comes in way of your sleep. Your feast can come as a curse or a good luck for your sleep. So now, what does this actually mean? Do you have to eat like an elephant? Ha ha No!

You should not take a very heavy meal, it will just worsen it all up. But, you should know what kind of food is ‘can have’ and what ‘can not‘. Here are some of the things which you should take care while eating.

Things like cherries, milk, bananas and sweet potatoes have sleep promoting complexes.
Remember, your mom and grand mom making you that hot cup of milk when you were small, that was not only for making you a big girl or boy but, to get you a good sleep as well.

Coffee, hard and soft drinks, chocolates( oh no!), spices; what Indian curries have in plenty and chicken or any kind of proteins are really counter productive. They counter attack your sleep.
So, if you want a good sleep have the appropriate diet!

Take a Bath, it’s the new Lullaby!

Girl Bathing

Bathing Works!

Yes, I’m not kidding! Bath not only refreshes you every morning but it does help you have a sound sleep. Researches have proved this right.

Human body temperature is not fixed and keeps on varying a lot of times during a single day. We get sleepy feeling as our body temperature drops. So, when you take a hot shower, your body temperature raises and then it drops gradually. This drop benefits your sleep.

Make sure you bath at least an hour before sleep, you know your system needs time for every work.

A Cool Room Would Help

Ya, this feeling itself makes you feel sleepy, right?

Your room temperature, has a lot to do with your sleep. For a room, an ideal temperature would be something between 65-75 degree Fahrenheit.

Now, what actually happens is  that your brain can be tricked easily.

After a hot bath into a cool room, your brain doesn’t understand what is happening and this shift makes your body to release or produce melatonin which induces sleep. So, just get into those cool sheets and fall asleep.

Lights, no please!

Actually, “light keeps you awake.”
Oh, so now you get it, why your mom opens the curtains early morning (just to awake you) and lets the light or the sun rays fall on your face like, in your face girl.

So, avoid every kind of light. Yes, even those sneaky light from your laptop or the message pop up light from your cell phone. No lights at all.

Kill the Gadgets, kill em’ all!

No, don’t get me wrong. I know they are not living beings but then why not make them as good as dead? Shut down everything!

Laptops, cellphones or any damn thing which could easily provoke you to be awake. I know that text from your bff can be very tempting, but hey you want to sleep right? So better do this. This is supposed to be the biggest enemy of these times, just like your parents tell you, but sadly here they are right!

Cigarettes and Alcohol are injurious to sleep!

Alcohol may make you sleepy but it leads to a disturbed sleep. Smoking and drinking may have the tendency to make you comfortable or rather I would say relieved but then, they don’t do it in the proper way.

When can you be more peaceful than when you are asleep?
Cigarettes have nicotine stimulant that stops your sleep. So, when you have broken sleep, how can you possibly have a perfect morning.

Did you know that you can ‘get high even after quitting smoking?’ – Find out how!

Avoid these at least any time soon before sleep.

Make yourself comfortable

You make sure that your room is welcoming and provides you with all necessities of sleep.
Make your room clean and beautiful.

Adjust your pillows, mattress and covers. Also your night-dress. Wear something loose and soothing. Pajamas, yes sure. Get rid of all the clutter from your room and make it aesthetically wonderful and pleasing. Like, I told you before ‘trick your brain!’

Certain smells can activate sleep like lavender, chamomile. They produce alpha waves which makes sleep knock your doors.

Books, they can really be a friend in need

Read Books

Grab a book to bed

Remember, how sleep haunts you when you want to study? Yes, that’s it just try studying something.
This might make your brain come to the point where you actually wanted it to be, tired!

When you become tired then, boy/girl what else would you do? Go, sleep! Or who knows you might become that person who sleeps on the book itself. Anyways, congratulations you are sleeping!

If Nothing Works –

Now, if nothing works, why not count sheep?

Yes, that age-old technique. Try counting sheep of course, you don’t have sheep in your room. try counting them in your mind until your brain gets exhausted and you are fallen asleep!

Good Luck, Happy Hibernation!

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