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The Ultimate Guide To Survive College Life

When in school, you badly wanted to go to college and be away from the confinement of your house. But now, things have changed drastically for you. You expected your college life to be much more variant and the place to be much more chummy.

And here you are, in your hostel room staring at your ceiling and meditating on how to survive the next day. When you walked into the aisles of the college, the main thing which was conquering your mind was ‘Fear’. Fear, if you will be able to adjust here, fear how your friends will be or if you would ever get some, fear of the whole new world waiting out there for you.

The life at college is not always as you think. The classes will be entirely different from your imagination. You’ll go through a lot of rejection and stress. You’ll have to manage money at crucial times and even life without it. You will have to be fit enough to survive your college life.

But, what if this fear continues to haunt you even after months of your college life? Here are 3 simple steps which will help you not to reach  the ‘I Quit College’ situation.

How To Survive College Life

It was the same situation I faced and this is what I did. Read on the essential tips.

  • Acceptance

The first step to change is, acceptance. You need to accept your new surrounding, new people and the whole new world out there. You have to accept the fact that you need to spend some years in that same campus with those unchanged people. Instead of complaining about what lacks in your college, try to focus on what it has; its positives.

It only began to get better, once I started accepting the people and place as they were. You have to accept that you can’t turnaround the situation as per your liking. Now, when you accept the place and the fact that survival here is an essential factor, your mind will change according to the circumstances and which makes the process much easier. Acceptance looks like passive state, but in reality it brings something entirely new into this place.

  • Involvement

Encouragement can can develop in you tremendous amount of confidence. But, you get this encouragement only when you take that first step. Who doesn’t want to be on the top? College, gives you ample of opportunities to showcase your talents and also a stage to grow and reach a prominent place in life.

This is the key mantra for survival. I, though being always active in my school activities, never tried my hand out here, in this new place. Of course, it was fear of failing and that too in-front of an unknown crowd. But once you start, there is no break off. You go on with the flow until that day, when your mom calls you  and you say “Mom I’m really busy, I’ll talk to you later.” Keeping yourself busy with these many activities wont leave the room for boredom at all.

  • Friends

When you have your best buddy in your hometown, for whom there can’t be a synonym, making new friends is not that easy. You cannot trust anyone and everyone. And you wouldn’t for sure want a friendship that would end. After all, you would love to have a partner both in crime and virtue. And frankly, you need some friends with benefits too.

Surviving College with Friends

Surviving College with Friends – Source :

I had a tough time, choosing whom to be with because, you can’t really spend your time with anyone who doesn’t share your state of mind. You might have to leave some at a point and go for those whom you feel comfortable with. Then you will not even know how the transition takes place each day. You need the local friends who can show you around and also those with whom you can enjoy all those places. At the end of day, would you like to go to a beach alone and throw mud at yourself?

Over to you.

There will be a lot of challenges which you’ve to go through while you’re at college. But if you are brave and wise enough, you can easily overcome these problems and survive on your college. Good luck.

College Survival Guide

College Survival Guide

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