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Messaging Hacks: How to Text Girls And Impress Them?

Ring the Right Phrase and Keep Them Follow You Through the Art of Texting

Sending messages to girls are like life diffusing a bomb of the huge potential for boys. If one inappropriate text message is sending to a girl, especially to the girlfriend, chances are very high for a blast in their emotional life.

Boys should know the correct manner in which they can converse with a girl. Be it a verbal conversation or a conversation via text, the words uttered should be well verified. The difficulty with text messages is that the tone of speaking is absent, and so misunderstandings have high probabilities. So they should be cautious enough while sending the messages to girls.

Another issue which is to be taken care of is the absence of facial expressions; emoticons cannot be a substitute for real emotions sometimes. The sentences should form in such a way that girls do not misinterpret it. If there is any misunderstand or any misinterpretation, your image falls in danger. Moreover, you end up hurting real emotions unintentionally.

Hence, to avoid any misunderstandings and misinterpretations when you’re talking to a girl, follow these simple tips and convert the art of messaging into bright shades of relationships.

#1. Keep it Simple

How to Text Girls

At first, when you text girls, your messages should be original and straightforward.

Avoid using dialogues that are very common or phrases that have the tendency to make your image appear bad.

When you keep it simple, she will not feel awkward to continue with the conversation. When there are no common dialogues, she will not find you creepy either.

#2. Interesting Texts

How to Text Girls

Ask her questions that are interesting and try to ask more in detail about her. By asking such questions, you will be able to trigger interesting conversations that will not make her feel bored, and she will feel that you are concerned about her.

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She should be able to enjoy the conversations with you. When she learns that you care about her, she will feel more closely related to you.

#3. Language


The language you use while texting her should be vigorous and impressive.

Do not make grammatical errors like that will make her doubt your intelligence.

Do not use extremely formal or tough words those might make her uncomfortable and will reduce her interest in texting you.

Use good grammar and light words that can keep the conversation lively.

#4. Game Of Words

How to Text Girls

Let your text messages be frequent. Do not text her too often; you should give some space but be frequent so that your impact on your loving one stays fresh.

You can try to use words that will charm her. Play by the phrase so that she may blush or giggle quietly within her mind. She should find you fun, charming and witty. To be that, you should frame your sentences smartly by placing the right words in exact places.

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Now, you have some tips and diffusing that bomb will not be too tough anymore. Just make sure you verify your messages before sending so that you do not make any mistakes.

Some mistakes are difficult to rectify so the best thing to do is to be on the safer side. Be interesting, be respectful and be fun; then see how easy it will be to text girls.

Do you suggest any remarkable tips for texting girls to let the conversation stay live? Share your views in the comments section below.

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