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Human Behavior: Things You Never Knew Before

Psychology of the Human Behavior

Psychology, as you all know, is the science of the human mind, their behavior towards certain situations, their nature, etc. It is purely based on sheer observations and keen understanding. This field is so vast as a human mind is.

Mainly, the psychology of human behaviour deals with the human’s actions and reactions. One can pursue the career of a youth worker, a caseworker or a social service aid, on a broader perspective, or with specialization; one can become a  licensed clinical or a school counsellor.

It has been found that the understanding of a human’s mind is one of the most challenging works in the world. It has the highly complicated structure among all the other organisms, especially a child’s psychology.

What Are the Important Factors Behind the Pschology of Human Behaviour?

Now, a mind is influenced by so many other factors. A few of them includes genetics, social norms, creativity, attitude, core faith and culture.

Here we’re sharing a brief account on each of them:

#1. Genetics

Human Behavior Genetics

The renowned scientist, Charles Darwin had long before found that in humans, with every succession, inheritance of certain features from the parent occurs. Another scientist, Mendel, discovered several reasons behind it by keen observations. Many more other scientists were involved in this great discovery since years back.

Some new behaviours and features of an individual are adapted due to the ‘crossing over’ of the parental chromosomes. The latter has been found out by studying on identical twins and the close behaviour between them, and the adopted children of a few parents.

Genes play a vital role behind human psychology and certain mental disabilities.

#2. Social Norms

Human Behavior Social Norms

It is very true that the influence of a company on an individual is the principal reason for his behaviour.

Different societies have different rules and adaptations. The different forms of such adaptations are the dressing habits, the diet as a positive impact, while racism, sexism, alcoholism as the adverse impact which moulds people’s personality development.

#3. Creativity

Human Behavior Creativity

Now, this is a God- gifted adaptation in every individual.

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Every person is special in his or her way. Some have the in -born capability to draw and paint well. Some individual have their body so flexible that they can work out a perfect gymnasium. This is a very interesting and yet mysterious part of the study today.

Secrets Lies Behind Human Psychology As Per The Modern Science

This is an interesting topic and it will astound as you read further. Few of the scientific treatments include:

#1. Overcoming Fears

Human Behavior Overcome Fear

Studies have proved that if a certain person is afraid of something, take cockroach as an example, the best way to sort out the solution is shutting the person tight locked in a room full of cockroaches till the person gets used to it. In such a way, he/ she could control the fear. Nonetheless, this research has also backfired by leading the patient to intense psychological trauma.

#2. Altruism in Humans

Human Behavior Altruism

Based on Triven’s Psychology, a human helps another person in need with a mindset that the individual would help him whenever it’s needed. This has been featured mostly in animals. Still, humans have been showing consistent approach towards this theory too. The difference is, in animals the help is reciprocated here and there, whereas, in humans, it is reciprocated after some time when it is in need.

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For example, rather than saying “I’ll help you with food collection, you should help me with the same”, the individuals can deal with this like “I’m helping you with the food collection now, and when the time comes for my need, I wish you’ll be there.”

If you are enthusiastic enough, human behaviour is an absorbing topic to study about these days. You could find more related topics here.

According to you, what’s the most important aspect one should understand about the human psychology? Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

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