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How To Beat Laziness And Get Things Done

Have you ever thought of hacking your brain to turn yourself into a productive person who calls it a day, every single day?

I bet you that you have at least 3 items still pending on your To-Do list. And if I’m correct, you are too lazy to do them. OR, you call it as a “Condition in which you don’t feel like doing it because you think you don’t have the energy, materials or guts to do it. You THINK!

I hate to break it to you — But that’s called nothing but “Laziness”. Becausethat subconscious thought messes with your conscious belief and rate yourself as a fucking retard.

Imagine this :

A strange man asks you to run around the parking lot for 2 times and in return of $1. Would you do it? No Fucking way! It’s too embarrassing, tiring and $1 is not that big considering the act.

But what if your girlfriend asks you to do the same, BUT, in return of a night out with her. Would you do it. Yes, in every Fucking ways! Even if she asks you to roll over the ground in addition, you’d do it without a second damn thought. No wonder, right?

Think about it :

Both of them asked you to do the same insanity, but you are ready to happily do it for your Girlfriend, and not for the strange man.

Guess what’s forcing your brain to do that? Love! Nope, I was just kidding.
So, guess again?

It’s the simple factor called “Reward”.

You are bound to do things when you know that there’s a Huge Pot of Gold waiting for you at the end of the Rainbow.

And you’re bound to steer clear away from non-rewarding actions.

So, How do you Hack your Brain to Become Much Productive?

I call it, “The Reward Method”.

Here’s what you need to do : I’ll explain this with an example of how I use this method.

  1. Consider I have to finish a feature story and the deadline is tomorrow.
  2. I will buy myself a “Snickers Candy Bar” which I love a lot.
  3. And I will place it on my table.
  4. I will decide only to take a small bite of the candy only after I force myself to start with the lead of the article.
  5. So, when I’m finished with the title and the intro, I’ll have a bite. This predicted reward will force me to do the action more effectively.
  6. Then, I will take another bite only after the post is 50% or more completed.
  7. Then I will decide to have the rest of the candy bar only after the post is finished.

Tadaa! I don’t think you now need an explaination to know how it works.

So, what are you waiting for? Start rewarding yourself and get things done!

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