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10 Things Hindi TV Serials Have Taught Us About Life

Here’s how it works in my house

Me: Hey, mom. What are you watching?

Mom: *random hindi serial*

Me: Oh, cool. Lets watch this.

20 minutes later-

*Watched it, googled it, Wikipedia-ed it, hated myself for it*

So, here is the ultimate dissing of the Great Hindi Soap Opera. (You’re welcome)

1. If you screw up, you won’t get no Ashirwad.

Also, this is you when bae denies a handjob.

2. The size of your bindi and the amount of makeup you have on are directly proportionate to how evil you are.

#naturalz #nomakeup #nofiltrzz

3. Bitch or not, you’ll still get bitch slapped.


4. Proficiency of bahu is based on:

  •  Sanskaar – Check
  • Agyakaar – Check
  • Unpadh – Check
  • Submissive – Check
  • Knows how to cook – Check
  • Knows how to clean tatti –  Check

5. Multiple Plots

Generic Hindi serial = single girl – overbearing parents – misogynistic in-laws -tragedy-a couple of deaths-a couple of rebirths- mind-fucking plot – 8-10 years of production- the end.

6. Age old conundrum


The single most fucked up logic EVER, is how people never age in Hindi serials. Not ever.

7. No matter how poor you are, if you’re in a Hindi serial you’re bound to have an extravagant wedding.

Cuz fuck logic, right?


8. Saas and bahu are BFFS <3

Mother of facepalm. Or should I say, face-palm-in-law. Amirite? (Sorry, not sorry)

9. The obligatory creepy stalker


love stalker

10. Last but not the least, the editing.

Could I BE more Obvious?

What do you think?

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