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Top 7 Life-Saving Facts for Teenagers of 21st Century

Know These Life-Saving Facts. Because The Things You Do Are Different from What You Actually Do.

We are all mindful of the precautions and preventions in everyday life. The well- known ones includes: not utilizing a cell phone while walking, providing mouth- to- mouth respiration to a person drowning, not eating a mint chocolate after consuming carbonated beverages or vice versa. However, other than these, there are certain situations when you cannot prevent yourself from tough circumstances. We have some astonishing tips which can help salvage your life.

Top 6 Life-Saving Hacks for Teenagers

You never know when these circumstances can hit your life, so I recommend you to read these at least once and be mindful of it. The various dangerous situations and the saving tips are as follows:

#1. Avoid Eating Snow

Life Saving Facts

If you are trapped in a snowy area where there is a lack of water, don’t consume snow directly. Instead, try melting the ice into water and consume the liquid form of ice.

To change from one state to another, a large amount of heat is compensated. Snow, being in the solid configuration of water, will take up heat from your body in the form of latent heat. This will cause your body totally numb. The status may further lead to asphyxia. In acquiring a small amount of hydration, you will be bargaining lots of heat!

#2. The Heimlich Manoeuvre on Yourself

Life Saving Facts

Many of you are still unaware that you can perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre all by yourself. At times, during such situations, a second person is not required to help you out. Are you surprised to know this? Do you suffer from dislodging at the throat too often?  You can prevent the food from choking you if only you know how to do it!

Firstly, make a fist with the hand you are more comfortable and feel stronger, right below the ribcage and above the navel. Fix your fist, right at the diaphragm.

Secondly, drive your fist up and down at the diaphragm area above the stomach.

Thirdly, place the palm of your other hand over the fisted hand and apply force, while moving your fist up and down till the substance gets dislodged from the throat.

Now that you know the way to help yourself out during such circumstances. Go ahead and try it. People often keep on waiting for someone else to come and help, while the others wait for that someone to do something needful. This carelessness has resulted in the loss of life many times. You should stop depending on others for help and take your way out on your own now.

#3. Do Not Pull Out the Sharp Object

Life Saving Facts

If you are stabbed or impaled by a brutal object, do not be tempted enough to pull out the object from your body. It will result in tremendous bleeding! Leave the object in its place and cover the wound to prevent the blood’s overflow. Wait for the medical help to appear or call for one and make the least movement possible.

However, if the object is poisonous, you will be left with no other option than pulling the object out. Wash the wound properly with pure water to cut down the poison that may dwell in the sharp object.

#4. Avoid Breathing in the Smoke

Life Saving Facts

Do you know that most of the deaths from fire happen due to breathing in of smoke generated over the burn caused? Smoke contains harmful gases as in carbon monoxide, methane, and sulphur dioxide. These penetrate into your respiratory tract and mix with the oxygenated blood, making it impure. Due to this, you choke to end. To forestall this, stay low to the ground to avoid breathing in smoke. Smoke consists of hot air that is lighter, and it moves upward. Also, attempt to move out of the burning place as soon as possible.

#5. Flashlight as a Useful Weapon

Life Saving Facts

If you are attacked by someone, use your flashlight.

Yes, you heard it right.

Let it directly focus into the chaser’s eye! His eyes will dim for some time, giving you enough time to rescue yourself and escape!

Carry a heavier and stronger flashlight, so that if you are grabbed from behind you can use it as a weapon to hit!

Flashlights are proved to known an excellent weapon, even better and much safer than the pepper spray. So, it is advisable to carry one to everywhere you go. Choose the one with a higher lumen of about three hundred or more. This is also one of the safest ways out to secure yourself from such acts. Supposedly, you mistook the person for someone else, at least the person would not be harmed, and you will be able to save yourself easily as well. So it’s a win- win situation.

#6. Thinking Beforehand Will Lead You to Normalcy Bias

Life Saving Facts

Researchers have found out that if you are calm and act normal during emergency situations rather than panicking, you will be more effective. Chances of survival will increase by thrice. Thus, you are advised to think beforehand of all the possible dangerous situations and how you reach on such instances. This will lead you more towards normalcy bias and be able to think better. The situation in this is always a win-win.

#7. Make the Most Out of the Time

Life Saving Facts

Even during a flight dispersal, it is said that the first three minutes of the flight take off and the last eight minutes of the flight landing are the most crucial part. Most of the plane crashes occur during this time. So, it is always recommended to be prepared mentally beforehand. Also, you may keep yourself ready at the exit door to allow faster dispatching.

Now that you have got a few most interesting tips in your hand.

Be ready to face the challenges of life, no matter how dangerous it would be! Always be prepared: both mentally as well as physically. Precautions are way better than any of the cures. Keep this in mind that there are people out in this world who care for you, for your safety. Someone somewhere loves you. So do not panic and give up to the situations. Help others in need too. If they lack knowledge about these facts, share with them beforehand, just as meant for a safety measure. Life is precious! So, Be Brave and Act Smart!

Life is precious! Be brave and act smart.

Do you know any life saving facts from your personal life experience? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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