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5 Things You’ll Understand Only If You’re in a Long Distance Relationship

Thousand miles away or at closed quarters, what keeps you connected is that he still grabs your heart if not your hand. He might be at the other end of the rainbow but when the rainbow fades you both travel together in the same sky.

Now since you opened this post, I’m pretty sure you have something to do with this long distance relationship. Or if not, this is why not only “always-near” relationships are great.

What’s Magical about Long Distance Relationship?

Here are 5 things which beyond any doubts will take place with you if, you fall under this category.

Distance of Love

Distance of Love

#1. Excitement of Meeting.

You are passing each day with the thought, “I’m one more day closer to the day when you will be my side, holding my hand, lying beside me and telling me ‘Baby I Love You’ or wait there is a better thing you will hear ‘Baby I’m here’.” The wait may seem very tough but when you meet it’s worth it.

No matter what sort of days you are going through, the fact that you are going to meet your love, lights up your life and you can’t stop imagining how you are going to spend your time. You plan everything, from expression to talks. Oh, you are already blushing!

#2. Creative In Love.

Remember that blow of kiss through the Skype? How much did it spice up your love. Didn’t it give all those goosebumps which you get if the kiss was as real. Yes, you get creative. You don’t get to show all your love physically and so love gets innovated.

The Kisses of Long Distance Relationship

The Kisses of Long Distance Relationship

Every one of you has a specific way and that way changes often  so that each of you can enjoy and feel the love in the relationship. No wonder, you have started writing poems, making collages and also picture videos. Aren’t you? And this creativity which has been evolved kills it’s monotony thereby, refreshes it.

#3.No Need To Look Presentable.

OMG!A big hurdle and a time saving technique. Yes, only for those whose love isn’t in town. You are not worried about the combination of dress which you have to wear for simple reasons, you don’t need to impress anyone. You wear a clumsy t-shirt, a bathroom slipper and like roam anywhere.

You really don’t care about how messy your hair looks or how gawky your dressing style has become, do you? You experiment with stuffs because, even if it’s a complete wardrobe malfunction you won’t be down rated by your partner.

#4. Magnified Communication Skills.

You know to speak out even your emotions! You can tell them by your words that, “Boy, you mean the world to me”. You make your love float through the words, even when the sea is rough. You know perfectly what tone and what words can act like, wrapping up their mouth with a kiss.

Who says being in relationship takes you low? You develop such amazing communication skills that you can even face an interview, without being rejected because you couldn’t get through the interaction. Now isn’t this a prodigious feat.

#5. Surprise.

Remember the wrapped gift which stared at you as you opened your door and the man who jumped from behind giving you a terror blow? Yes, you do. This is the best part. Yeah, all people in love give surprises but then how can it be equal to the one where you see your love standing next to you when, he is supposed to be in some other part of the globe?

That surprise birthday presence or that surprise gift basket, whatever it is, you got a feeling of reaching the cloud nine. And of course, how can you forget that marriage proposal where you felt like the Cinderella, whose prince charming had come to take her along forever. That heavenly surprise! Oh, yes you know it better, much better.

strong distant relationship

The distance makes our love stronger

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